Jadiri Gamer Wielder of Mysteries MTG Arena Saturday Main Event

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Watch Jadiri Gamer Wielder of Mysteries You got to believe in magic Its where people Meet and cast their fears away from fandomfare on www.twitch.tv

Jadiri Gamer with MTGA Saturday Main Event the daily quest take down 15 of our opponent's Creature, Today wasn't bad But taking out creatures was tough mainly because of many didn't cast more than one.

MTGA Saturday Main Event went very well Sorry our stream was so short sure felt longer at time we have a lot going on here at Fandomfare Gaming

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Thanks to our many new followers today Fandomfare keeps moving forward with our goal to get the first 50 of many I would hope.

it seems our Boros deck had the best of luck in finishing the quest for us wish we had thought of that way sooner, I am hoping to get back later for more of Part IV: Commence the Endgame.

Jadiri Gamer with Saturday Main Event the daily quest take down 15 of our opponent's Creature, Today wasn't bad  But taking out creatures

Fandomfare Gaming is following all tthe happening with MTGA as we can and bringing it to you as we can

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Grand Prix Washington D.C.

Watch live video from ChannelFireball on www.twitch.tv

Modern Horizons is on full display this weekend at Grand Prix Washington D.C., with Sealed Deck on Saturday and Booster Draft on Sunday. Catch all the action from ChannelFireball's live video coverage team.

MAGIC FEST June 14-16, 2019Dulles Expo Center Washington, D.C.

Watch as @Marshall_LR hardcore trolls @BenS_MTG on coverage here at #MTGDC! Tune it at https://t.co/NT1rJhsBTT pic.twitter.com/tox6DDuT6X— ChannelFireball (@ChannelFireball) June 15, 2019

Hundreds of players have turned out near the nation's capitol to battle it out over two days of Modern Horizons Limited. The format offers endless possibilities, and just how players can put together the newest set will determine how far they go this weekend.


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