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Watch Jadiri Gamer Wielder of Mysteries You got to believe in magic Its where people Meet and cast their fears away from fandomfare on www.twitch.tv

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Friday is always so much fun, In MTG Arena today's color again was black and blue today Pirates Cove is what we call our Deck of the Day we still could not get the deck we built yesterday to shuffle to actually use it to any advantage we ended up moving back one rank and moving back up to where we started.

Friday the MTG Arena Pirates Cove you got to believe in magic Its where people Meet

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would like to thank our new Followers on Twitch, things are slowly progressing here for us .we have been at this now with Fandomfare since 2011 and streaming Arena since it went open beta last October. before this for several years we were playing we played Puzzle Pirates I was a Very successful and RICH Hook handed Gem runner called Jadiri Tanagrim and I and my partner owned a huge fleet of ships and a cloth shop.

this was back in the early 2000s we even use to have huge crew parties were people from all over the US and even the world would gather Book an entire motel and cits conference hall for these things for a weekend of fun and sharing stories about our RPG and Gaming.

This is me today playing MTGA, Eternal, Hearthstone warframe, Deck of ashes today as Jadiri Gamer and streaming the fun we use to spend hours in a meeting and on IRC laughing about, they use to laugh at some of the stories and call it made up well today there is Live streamed evidence of the craziness.

Join us later for Part IV: Commence the Endgame this event runs from June 14 - June 21

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The Elderspell has been cast. With every Planeswalkers’ death, the core of their being soars toward Bolas, fueling his ascension to godhood. Ravnicans and Planeswalkers alike must mount a new counter-attack before it’s too late.

About MTG Arena

MTG Arena follows the same rules as the physical card game, which players use decks of cards that include land cards that generate five separate colors of mana, and play cards that consume that mana to summon creatures, cast offensive and defensive spells, or other activate effects.

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