GetAmped Mobile, the Global Online Fighting Game – The New “Team Match Challenge” Event is Here!

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 CyberStep, Inc. is pleased to announce a new event, the “Team Match Challenge”, for GetAmped Mobile, the online action fighting game for smartphone and Nintendo Switch. And two new accessories, “Phantom Tiger” and “Scissor Edge” have been added to the “Weekly Gacha”.

GetAmped Mobile Enjoy battles with players all around the world with auto-matching.

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Fight it out anytime, anywhere!

◆ “Team Match Challenge” Event Begins!

With the Thursday, June 13th update, the new "Team Match Challenge" event has now begun! During the event, participate in Team Matches to win rewards like GM, gacha tickets, and more!

You can click the icon in the lobby to see the event details as well as accept your prizes.

Event Period

Thursday, June 13th at 00:00 ~ Wednesday, June 20th at 21:59 (PDT)

 (Subject to change based on maintenance schedule)


1 match: 100 GM

5 matches: 500 GM

10 matches: 1“Excalibur” weapon

20 matches: 5 gacha tickets

30 matches: 1,000 GM

50 matches: 1,000 GM

70 matches: 3,000 GM

100 matches: 10 gacha tickets

※Leaving the match, disconnecting, or closing the app before three rounds have been concluded will not count towards total matches completed.

New “Weekly Gacha” Accessories!

Once again the “Weekly Gacha” line-up has been switched, with two new accessories being added! This week introduces two powerful new accessories: the tiger-headed "Phantom Tiger" and the dragon powered "Scissor Edge". Be sure to grab them and test them against all your enemies!


Phantom Tiger

A pair of tonfa with a tiger head at the tip.

When its true power is released, it's said to be as wild as a rabid tiger.

Scissor Edge

A pair of crude blades forged from dragon claws.

Easy to switch between a one blade style or two blade style.

Rage as a dragon, and cut down anyone in your path.


What is “GetAmped Mobile”?

The action game with over 30 million users! Fight to the top in fiery battles!

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The popular PC game, “GetAmped”, with over 30 million users worldwide has come to smartphone and Nintendo Switch!

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A global cosplay battle! GetAmped, the global 3D action game with over 30 million users worldwide, is now on Nintendo Switch!

Take to the 3D stages, equip styles like Ninja, Superman, Esper and more. Combine weapons, styles and accessories in hundreds of ways to blow your opponent's away!

And with the "Skin" feature, customize your appearance however you want as you battle it out!

 CyberStep, Inc. is pleased to announce a new event, the “Team Match Challenge”, for GetAmped Mobile, the online action fighting game

Exhilarating battles in real time!

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