Happenings in MTG Arena and Fandomfare Daily Quest

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Jadiri Gamer Wielder of Mysteries Happenings in MTG Arena wow, it was a busy day in the Arena we had to take out 40 Creatures opponents weren't making it easy. I'm still having a Rough Time figuring out what the trend is with the player who comes to a game with nothing but sideboard no offense or defense creatures of any nature.

Happenings in MTG Arena, modern horizon release, COMMENCE THE ENDGAME, scheduled maintenance Thursday

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My thinking is either come to play the game or don't bother showing up get a match and shut it down after casting 2 or 3 cards when you get hit a few times, all I can do is shake my head.

we are looking for your support for our twitch channel I have try the followtrainTV I have followed all most 60 there but there is no Following of the links I left not real useful if all people do is dump there link and ignore others that are there some times you need to scroll back as far as it allow and Follow users that posted while you were away 🙂

modern horizon releases in the stores the end of this week, there is a lot of exciting things happening for MTG over the next weeks keep watching out streams on Facebook and twitch we will be continuing WAR OF THE SPARK CHRONICLES Friday Part IV: Commence the Endgame Begins Fandomfare gaming will be there helping in the battle .


The Elderspell has been cast. With every Planeswalkers’ death, the core of their being soars toward Bolas, fueling his ascension to godhood. Ravnicans and Planeswalkers alike must mount a new counter-attack before it’s too late.

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Jadiri Gamer Wielder of Mysteries Happenings in MTG Arena wow, it was a busy day in the Arena we had to take out 40 Creatures

MTGA performing scheduled maintenance on June 13th

Fandomfare Merch Arore

We will be performing scheduled maintenance on June 13th, 2019 at 8AM PT (15:00 UTC) to deploy the game update. Maintenance is expected to last approximately 90 minutes.

While no downtime is expected, this is a required update. Players who are logged in prior to the start of maintenance will be required to restart their client to download the patch.

Patch notes will be available once maintenance is complete.

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