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Hey we are here today to take out 30 Creatures for today quest and also to remind you that we are now streaming MTGA on twitch please please check out our Channel and support us there no deck of the day for this we do now have the Boros deck we have been testing and working with a bit and its a die hard deck for sure when it rolls the right way . this is the FaceBook Edition

Today we had a Facebook edition of MTGA Quest of the day Check out our twitch channel and follow us there for More great Game streaming action

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Today went fairly well We started with game issues slow getting matches there was lag player disappearing for what seemed no reason but overall we got through the quest since it killed 30 creature my own creatures counted as well as the opponents.

we took out the new BOROS Deck and some of its strengths and weaknesses it best strength is when the shuffle goes well its greatest weakness shuffle being broken rarely goes well and we seen both sides of that coin in motion as the luck of the draw would have it .

Today we had a Facebook edition of MTGA Quest of the day  Check out our twitch channel and follow us there for More great Game streaming action

we are jadiriGamer on discord and we can be found on FollowTrainTV and many other places

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Lets keep our Eyes open and our schedule clear for this one next week the war continues .


The Elderspell has been cast. With every Planeswalkers’ death, the core of their being soars toward Bolas, fueling his ascension to godhood. Ravnicans and Planeswalkers alike must mount a new counter-attack before it’s too late.

Bolas is considered one of the most powerful planeswalkers of the Multiverse and is possibly the oldest being alive. He was said to be old before Dominaria was even born. He sired whole races, populated entire planes, and then hunted them to extinction for his amusement. Bolas' hallmark is his touch, an inborn ability that causes a mind shattering effect with the slightest caress. It makes coherent thought nearly impossible. Bolas is a master of Black, Blue, and Red magic with many lifetim...
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