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Watch Jadiri Gamer Wielder of Mysteries The Daily Quest and Flt Junicorns from fandomfare on www.twitch.tv

Jadiri Gamer Wielder of Mysteries Saturdays Main Event the Twitch 50 Follower Challenge Today was not a Bad day though killing all 40 creatures was for sure a full out challenge one cant make opponents cast creatures.

Fandomfare gaming Needs your support we need 50 followers and beyond on twitch please join us in our quest to grow with MGTA

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Like I have been saying we finally got the twitch Prime going we are now on a quest to get 50 followers this is the only thing in the way of being an affiliate this would help us in so many ways so this is what I am asking from all to follow me on Twitch I have many times more followers on facebook, followers and family who could do this and bring us way over the top .

we are calling out to all to Help us reach 50 Follower and Beyond on Twitch so we can get we can earn our affiliate membership. just go to https://www.twitch.tv/fandomfare and follow our channel

Jadiri Gamer Saturdays Main Event the Twitch 50 Follower Challenge  Today was not a Bad day though killing all 40 creatures

Twitch Prime members can redeem their unique code to receive a free Boros deck. If you’re just starting out on MTG Arena, this is a great way to rise through the initial ranks, as well as give your collection a significant boost. 

Fandomfare Merch Arore

it would be a huge help to us .as you all know we stream many games we moved our MTGA streams to twitch simply because Magic streams have dried up I was the only full-time arena streamer left on Facebook that I know of streaming MTGA 7 days a week so we moved stream there .topday we got our Boros deck and have been playing it and testing it on our stream its a really never say never deck.

don't miss the fun please come drop in and follow our Twitch channel we are not abandoning Facebook streaming just moving magic streams.


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