Enso 0.3.1 “Dancing Daisy” Release 5

Enso 0.3.1 “Dancing Daisy” Release

Linux Distribution

Enso 0.3.1 “Dancing Daisy” Summer time upon us once again and the team here at Enso are very happy to announce the next minor iteration of our operating system, here’s all you need to know…

Built on the latest LTS release of Ubuntu, version 18.04 Enso includes all the latest security and system packages from the main Ubuntu dev branch and these packages will be supported by Ubuntu for the next 3 years

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The most notable changes for this minor release are within our application malmanagement tool (a fork of the elementary project’s brilliant AppCenter)

The home page has been adapted have a cleaner look with the category selector moving to a list view on the left-hand side, a few colour changes to the view and the addition of the Games category

Starring of your favourite applications is now possible through the application view, this will allow us to determine which applications are deemed most helpful by our users and will in time be the driving factor of which applications are displayed on the home page, so start starring!


The greeting application will now auto focus into the password input text box on load, the default avatar has been updated to be more generic and the guest user and additional users’ selection have been disabled by default to make the screen look less busy and the clock will position itself better on smaller screen sizes


The simple dock application has had some minor alterations and has merged with the main branch to bring over some of the changes that have been applied such as improved performance and HiDPI support

Enso 0.3.1 “Dancing Daisy” Summer time upon us once again and the team here at Enso are very happy to announce the next minor iteration of our operating system

A new dock item for Multitasking View has also been added, to allow users to add this element back in if required

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Our default wallpapers have been updated with some great additions, we would like to thank all the photographers for their amazing work and for releasing the images under Creative Commons Licences, you guys rock!

A list of the wallpapers and their creators can be found on our Github page


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Enso 0.3.1 “Dancing Daisy” Release 8

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