MTG Arena Deck Build of the Day Magic colors blue and White

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Jadiri Game Welcomes you to Today's Daily Quest, MTG Arena Deck Build of the Day Magic colors were blue and White as always built on the fly to just complete the quest of the day without any though give to ranking though Honestly, that is a plus when it happens.

MTG Arena Deck Build of the Day Day 2 on Twitch Today Magic colors Blue and White

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Today's Play ended on a high note even though it started rough with more than a little trouble with Shuffle all land stuck in the bottom of the newly built deck topical for MTGA in the last months since the new rank system went into place.

we do this every day 7 days a week and more, we build the deck of the day in hopes of encouraging new players of MTGA to take the chance deck building is not the be all end all they will always need tweaking and testing to make the grade at the end of the day.

this day Early on was loaded with game glitches opponents disconnecting as games started shuffling issues and lag

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This was our second day of streaming on twitch we want to continue to remind you to Follow and or subscribe to our Twitch Channel we hope you will find some value to our stream and maybe get a laugh or learn something through our play.

Want an Idea for a paupers deck for War of Spark Part 4 no Escape Here is one I found posted on the MTGA forums

post that looks like it could be fun to try might need to use some wild cards to complete it but since they are all commons shouldn't be to hard.

4 Healer's Hawk (GRN) 14

18 Plains (RIX) 192

4 Rustwing Falcon (M19) 36

4 Cavalry Drillmaster (M19) 8

4 Daybreak Chaplain (M19) 10

4 Knight's Pledge (M19) 19

4 Moment of Triumph (RIX) 15

4 Silverbeak Griffin (M19) 285

2 Luminous Bonds (M19) 25

4 Concordia Pegasus (RNA) 7

4 Short Sword (DAR) 229

2 Arrester's Zeal (RNA) 4

2 Summary Judgment (RNA) 24

From Yudoka#13517 on the MTG Arena forum

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