The Blackout Club – An ICYMI on the upcoming 1-4 player stealth thriller!

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The Blackout Club nears 1.0 launch, and with that, we wanted to send you a quick recap on why you should be very very excited!

The Blackout Club is a first-person co-op horror game centered around a group of teenage friends investigating a monstrous secret beneath the skin of their small town.

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The Blackout Club, your friend has gone missing. Something is amiss in the town of Redacre and the adults aren’t listening. The Blackout Club plays out as a 1-4 player stealth horror co-op experience where your tools of survival are limited and teamwork with friends is key to unveil the dark secrets that lay under the surface of Redacre.

Created by Question (team members worked on The Magic Circle, Bioshock 2: Minerva’s Den, and Thief) The BlackoutClub nails the horror of working together under pressure and rewards players massively with one of the best co-op experiences available in recent years.

The reception during Early Access has been positive, but we’re really excited to show the 1.0 game this summer and would love to send you keys, if you haven’t played yet! Just request on Terminals and we’ll set you up with code near release

And be sure to turn on “advanced horror” settings when you get it for some truly unique in-game experiences… 😉

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