Jairi Gamer Giving the Arena The Big Challenge in our Frist full Stream on Twitch

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Howdy From Fandomfare gaming on Twitch, Fandomfare gaming The Big Challenge Jadiri Gamer Ian Gamer could use your support please follow our twitch channel we have donation set up we have our merch page running and much more today our first attempt was problem-plagued with everything from power issues to game client disconnect we had an issue with Streamlab overlay our starting soon screen seemed to not want to change as it should have or some setting didn't take .

fandonfare Gaming The Big Challenge gaming on Twitch

Either way, we got back up and running we completed the quest and deck of the day we complete the no Escape event we won us not one but 3 packs of cards and more than a few single cards a ton of old when all was said and done though we still lack followers on twitch at this point we had a stronger better game day that we have had in month in the MTGarena and we successfully complete more , I am honestly hoping we can get the backing and support to continue with twitch we will be getting twitch prime link very soon maybe before today is over. and see what bonuses memberships can get us.

 Fandomfare gaming  on Twitch, Fandomfare gaming The Big Challenge Jadiri Gamer  Ian Gamer could use your support please follow our twitch channel

I hope all our follow fans and Friends will help make this a success as good as it gets together

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we did play with the webcam off today I am not used to this at all but we will see what the future brings who knows maybe some MTGA cosplay ya just never know these days right our success depends on all of you Lets make iit as good as it gets together.


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