Haxor – a Commodore 64 inspired platformer – continues to develop content updates after great press reviews

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Haxor, an indie action platformer, brings back the Commodore 64 vibe of old to Steam. Climou, the two-manned studio behind the game, with help of the publisher Fat Dog Games, did an amazing job catching old school atmosphere and fusing it with polished and well-designed gameplay elements of today. It's a great mix of classic mechanics and pixel-art with today's game design standards which makes an excellent game bound to spark an interest in old and new players alike.

Haxor has got many positive reviews from press from around the globe:

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Haxor has something that keeps me coming back for more

Bartosz Witoszka, GameReactor

Haxor is a 2D experience which just can’t be missed

Vincent Ibarra, PlayerOne

Exploration was very enjoyable [...], levels are well designed

Kamil Ratajczak, vg24

And Climou is not done yet. The positive response to the game’s launch has motivated the team to polish their work even further for their fan’s enjoyment. Haxor’s getting better and bett

er even when you’re reading our press release. What’s changing, you ask? For starters:

  • Yeah, there were some typos and small bugs. Not anymore
  • Life now restores on the start of every level
  • The invisibility power-up freezes the enemies as well
  • Adjusted Fulgur Dragon Boss
  • Fulgur Hydra Boss was fixed
  • You can now jump on eggs to destroy them
  • Enemies’ HP is more reasonable from now on
  • Save Reset Screen got fixed

Haxor, an indie action platformer, brings back the Commodore 64 vibe of old to Steam. Climou, the two-manned studio behind the game, with help of the publisher

More changes and adjustments are yet to come!

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Useful links:

Haxor on Steam – https://store.steampowered.com/app/746000/Haxor/

Presskit – https://we.tl/t-CKHiQ4SKwG

About Climou:

The two-manned studio Climou wants to infuse the indie gaming scene with a jolt of Eastern European retro-styled gameplay. Their game is Haxor, a platformer reminiscent of the good ol’ times of the Commodore 64, which initially started as a contest entry, but their love for old-school gaming didn't allow them to stop there.

About Fat Dog Games:

Polish video game publisher. Indie to the bone in a dog-eat-dog world. Helping small developers to get their games out to the public, even when it sometimes gets ruff. There's a lot going on in fat boi's kennel – Dream Alone, Exorder and Apparition are only a few of his favorite treats!


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