Jadiri Gamer Fandomfare Gaming Fridays Event of the Day our magic deck color Black & Blue Vengence, we are calling on all Facebook Magic the gathering Arena Streamers or to be honest Streamers of any game to get a group together Wizards of the Coast seems to be giving Facebook streamer the cold shoulder.

Fandomfare Gaming Black & Blue Vengence Friday in the MTGArena

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pouring all there bonuses free gift and such to just twitch streamers this is unfair treatment if they as well if they want to call streamer partners and affiliate it is my belief They should be paying us our monthly for subscribers and viewer twitch prime is a part of Amazon Prime this is a very lucrative subscription service they make billion in residual income from hour after hour yet streamer continue to bow to the pressure from wizards.

bringing in them and Amazon subscribers on channels while we pay them. they also are not backing facebook streamers for any who have not noticed arena STREAMS ON FACEBOOK ARE VANISHING QUICKLY. MTGA groups on facebook are pressing and removing Streamer from groups who continue to stream on Facebook rather than Twitch.

Black & Blue Vengence Friday

Black & Blue Vengence Friday

 Black & Blue Vengence Friday in the MTGArena

ATT: FB MTGA Streamers Arena Streams are vanishing quickly Facebook Arena groups are making threats to streams who wont move over to twitch to Shut them out

we need to organize stream together as one like a union or cooperative OFFERING EXCLUSIVES VIEWER CAN ONLY FIND ON OUR FACEBOOK STREAMS WE NEED TO START BACKING EACH OTHER UP SHARING STREAMS, STREAMING together there is strength in numbers we can not earn anything from facebook untill each individual has 10K follower this too is hard to achieve .

This little Magic Stream we do here Daily is not cheap yet it entertains and keeps numbers of Facebook users entertained each of us for a bit daily keep then returning earning them ad revenue what I started as a simple hobby not counting cost of equipment just data and other cost related well over $500 a month and yes it is a huge increase to what we were using to the family budget before we started game streaming to our nearly 900 follower

this is a lot of $$$ to continue to pour out month after month Facebook yes does provide the platform to stream but even they are helping boost the cost now as well since they seem to have done away with thedata friendly Share sceen for there creators program and this was donewithout notice just showed up to stream one day and poof gone with the wind .



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