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Jadiri Gamer Fandomfare Gaming Thursday Event MTG Arena Martian vampires MTGA Green & Black havoc of the magic Deck of the day colors Looks like the Magic vamps will be green with Envy today.

MTGA 'Green & Black havoc' Deck of the day

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This is another Deck on the Fly that was just enough just when you needed it we cleaned up today's Quest in very Short order and plowed on for another few matches Leaving us with 4 wins to get the rest of the packs of cards for the week

'Green & Black havoc' Deck of the day

MTG Arena 'Green & Black havoc'  Deck of the day

War of the Spark Glass Card Styles are cosmetic only and do not give you a copy of the card itself.

the war moves forward NO ESCAPE
Nicol Bolas’s army advances on Ravnica. To face this foe, Planeswalkers answer the call from across the Multiverse and arrive ready to fight. But the trap is set. Thanks to the Immortal Sun, no Planeswalker can escape. No Deck required deck will be provided Part 2 of WAR OF THE SPARK
CHRONICLES Starts in less than a day on MTG Arwna .

This is Exciting we still have not complete part 1 but we will be joining this and streaming our play watch for this Special events stream from Fandomfare gaming starting Friday and through the weekend we will bring you all the Excitement as it happens only on Fandomefare gaming watch them notification if you have not liked or followed the time had never been joining us as we continue to grow with Magic: The Gathering Arena#MTGA #Daily #Events #Fandomfare #Gaming


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