Jadiri Gamer Wielder of Mysteries MTG Arena super casters save the day making the challengers black and bluet in the MTG Arena black and Blue will be the magic Colors for the deck of the day today. we have a double daily quest header busy day at fandomfare gaming no stream yesterday we were at a toy convention black and blue is the deck of the day colors we also have to kill opponents creature 15 of them let get started right away.

MTG Arena super casters save the day double daily quest

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This one went well way better than I thought I might consider what we had to complete today , we may be back later for more at war event later , as you can see other Games we stream are suspended as we try to get more of a schedule on steaming Lunchtime arena is and has been a staple here on Facebook for nearly A year and will continue, and we brought back Deck of the day daily quests and now starting different theme decks as well. would like to get more events and drafts time to play is the issue on this. Saturdays streams will be Saturday Main event since Saturday is last days of streams in the week.

MTGArena super casters save the day double daily quest

we are pleased with the end results consider what we had to complete today

We are trying to get a twitch presents built cost is an Issue as Internet data here is not unlimited and any Increase cost us we have no supporters backers of partners so its all out of pocket here.I am hoping to attempt some facebook twitch simulcasting but this may have to wait till we get some new equipment at this point our cellphone has more memory and power than our laptop. even though its only 3 years old to us it was made for 2011 computing needs.

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