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Lodz, Poland, May 21st, 2019 – SUPERHOT VR Oculus Quest The Team is proud to announce that SUPERHOT VR is now available on the Oculus Quest! SUPERHOT VR on Quest is the definitive SUPERHOT VR experience. It retains everything great from existing platforms while taking advantage of the Oculus Quest’s tetherless nature to immerse players even deeper into SUPERHOT’s fabricated, brutal world of concrete and glass.

SUPERHOT Team brings SUPERHOT VR to Oculus Quest


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Thanks to the Quest’s free roam wireless capabilities, SUPERHOT VR has been rebuilt into what it was originally meant to be. Nothing distracts the player from the rush of SUPERHOT’s signature slow-motion combat. Players move relentlessly from fight to fight, flowing through the action like a ballerina of death. 360 tracking revolves the world around you, letting players move, run, and slice through a hail of slow-motion bullets. No tethers are holding you back!


  • SUPERHOT VR on Oculus Quest is the full SUPERHOT VR experience, nothing has been left out.
  • Untethered means players are able to enjoy SUPERHOT VR without the restrictions of previous headsets.
  • Pyramids be gone. New game flow streamlines transitions between levels ensuring the experience is more fluid and immersive than ever before.
  • An all new Guest Mode ensures it’s super easy to show your friends how awesome SUPERHOT VR is on Quest.

“The superb reception of SUPERHOT VR on Quest at OC5 was great to see and encouraging for the team. We wanted to deliver a fantastic experience and it took a year of work to make it happen. It was a huge technical undertaking to bring SUPERHOT VR to Quest, but we’re confident Oculus Quest players are in for the best VR experience to date. The team are incredibly proud!” Tom Kaczmarczyk, Cofounder & Director at SUPERHOT.

SUPERHOT Team brings SUPERHOT VR to Oculus Quest

SUPERHOT Team spent one-year bringing SUPERHOTVR to OculuQuest. They reworked all of the materials

textures, camera effects and lighting. An entirely new enemy animation and shattering system was built from scratch. All of the 3D models were manually optimized. All of the low-level memory management and loading systems were reengineered. Discover the full development story in this candid deep dive blog post.

No tethers, no limits.

Mind is software.

The System will set you free


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SUPERHOT Team brings SUPERHOT VR to Oculus Quest

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