Deck of the Day Jadiri Gamer Wielder of Mysteries Looking Toward Magic Victory in Blue and Green

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Jadiri Gamer Wielder of Mysteries MTGArena Tuesday Daily Quest Blue and Green will get the Deck of the day, wow another deck of the day that went better than I thought it might take out the quest in about 3 matches, Magic Victory in Blue and Green

Deck of the Day MTGA Victory in Blue and Green

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were going to continue with Deck of the day for the daily quests it get a pretty good response we are going to attempt some new feature and playing events as they come around not looking toward Pro or even amateur events just casual for card gold whatever prizes they nay offer.

the jaceWielder of Mysteries continues to make our day at just the right moment, I have used more than a few planeswalkers that are tops but Jace just work for me most I guess you could say it does what a hand needs.#MTGA $Daily #Quest #Jace #JadiriGamer


June 08 - 09 2019

Deck of the Day MTGA  Victory in Blue and Green

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