Stack Up Rallies Gamers to Support the Troops for Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day 2019


Stack Up, the charity bringing together veterans and civilians through a shared love of games, is calling on the gaming community to muster in support of its fundraising drive tomorrow for Armed Forces Day and throughout the rest of Military Appreciation Month leading up to Memorial Day on May 27.

Stack Up, Armed Forces Day, calling on the gaming community to muster in support

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Operating by the creed “Veterans are our Mission, Gaming is Our Passion,” Stack Up aims to fight the effects of depression, combat injuries, and post-traumatic stress by supporting servicemen and women through the benefits of gaming. With the tireless help of volunteer teams, called Stacks, soldiers receive Supply Crates containing video game care packages as well as Air Assaults providing experiences for veterans to attend gaming events such as E3, PAX, Comic-Con, and more.

Gamers can answer the Call to Arms this Military Appreciation Month by donating via their favorite streamers and other gaming organizations on the Stack Up Donor Drive page. They can also raise funds through their own social media and livestreams for the chance to win rewards while supporting this good cause. Participants can earn exclusive rewards for raising donations during the Call To Arms event, including Stack Up shirts, plushies, Techni gaming chairs, or even directly sponsor Stack Up Supply Crates or Air Assault to deserving veterans.

With an exemplary 90 percent of Stack Up donation dollars going to directly to these programs, Call to Arms supporters know their contribution are in good hands and will mean more Supply Crates, Air Assaults, and support for the Stack Up Overwatch Program (StOP).

Stack Up, Armed Forces Day,  calling on the gaming community to muster in support

Spearheaded by the Stack Up community and funded in part by a grant from the U.S. Center for Disease Control,

StOP is organization of trained and certified crisis-management volunteers. This team specializes in assisting active-duty military personnel, veterans, and civilians cope with mental health issues by providing vital round-the-clock support.

“I’ve seen the power of what the gaming community can do, and StOP is providing an invaluable service supplying resources for people who urgently need them,” said Stephen Machuga, Founder and CEO, Stack Up. “When gamers unite behind a charitable cause, they can achieve amazing feats, and I know they’ll make our Call to Arms Military Appreciation Month 2019 event a huge success that will allow us to continue carrying out our mission.”

For more information and to get involved, please visit the official Stack Up website, and follow the organization via social media on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. Subscribe to the official YouTube channel, follow Stack Up on Twitch, and join the official Discord server.

About Stack Up

Stack Up is a 501©3 video-gaming focused military charity supporting US and Allied veterans. Founded in 2015, and having raised over $3 million in cash and in-kind contributions, Stack Up (TAX ID: 47-5424265) brings both veterans and civilians together through a shared love of gaming. With 45 volunteer Stacks consisting of 240 volunteers, Stack Up programs have supported more than 12,000 current and former service members through video game care packages and flying veterans to gaming events, and helped dozens of people dealing with mental health crises through the Stack Up Overwatch Program.

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