Exclusive War of the Spark Chronicles Event Comes to Magic: The Gathering Arena

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Wizards of the Coast has unveiled details today for War of the Spark Chronicles, a free multi-week event where players can explore the history of Magic: The Gathering and earn exclusive cosmetic rewards in the process while playing Magic: The Gathering Arena.

War of the Spark Chronicles Event, Taking place from May 23rd to June 28th

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Taking place from May 23rd to June 28th, War of the Spark Chronicles will provide MTG Arena players the opportunity to play through five key moments in Magic, each complete with a specific play format. As players secure wins, they’ll unlock beautiful, exclusive stained-glass card style variations of Planeswalkers from War of the Spark while others will be available in the game’s store. And, for fans and followers of Magic lore and history, each Planeswalker card will provide additional story and background.

You can see the announcement video for War of the Spark Chronicles here.

Please find examples of the stained-glass versions of each Planeswalker card here.

Magic: The Gathering and earn exclusive cosmetic reward

Below are the details for the War of the Spark Chronicles event, broken down by week, dates, event name and per-week playing format.

Week 1

May 23-31

Event Name: Part I: Ravnica at War

Format: Momir (Momir is a format that makes use of the “Momir” avatar  which allows you to pay X and discard a card to make a random creature with the converted mana cost of X, but only as a sorcery and only once each turn). Momir is also a special 96-card deck that includes 1 of each Planeswalker from War of the Spark.

Week 2

May 31-June 7

Event Name: Part II: No escape

Format: Pauper (Pauper is a format in which all cards used must have been printed at the common rarity in a Magic set or product. Other than that, the usual rules for constructed decks apply)

Week 3

June 7-June 14

Event Name: Part III: Storm the Citadel

Format: Singleton (Singleton, also known as highlander, is a constructed variant where each deck is restricted to only one copy of a given card, sans basic land)

Week 4

June 14-June 21

Event Name: Part IV: Commence the Endgame

Format: Counters (Counters (includes an emblem that puts an extra +1/+1 counter on anything with one on it already, an extra loyalty counter on Planeswalkers, and Amass 1)

Week 5

June 21-June 28

Event Name: Part V: Gideon’s Sacrifice

Format: Ravnica Block (Play done via Ravnica block of cards)

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