Shake Things Up with Black Spirit’s Rage and Votes in Black Desert SEA

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Black Spirits and inhabitants of Black Desert SEA have banded together this week to assist in the harrowing undertakings of Adventurers as they journey throughout the lands. With two new features added to Black Spirit’s Rage that those engaged in combat can take advantage of and a new voting event with great rewards, the Black Desert world is seeing some fierce competition both on the battlefield and in the polls!

Black Spirit’s, Black Desert SEA assist in the harrowing undertakings

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Starting this week, Adventurers can add more variety and efficiency to their fighting techniques as additional skill enhancement options are now available when using the Black Spirit’s Rage. Building upon the original system that applies buffs to a main skill when 100% or 200% of Rage is consumed, the arsenal of abilities has widened as skills can now be enhanced by consuming 10%, 25%, or 50% of accumulated Rage. To give even more ways to create a personalized combat style, individual skills can also be locked such that the Black’s Spirit’s Rage cannot be applied to them. With these new features, Adventurers can get more out the Black Spirit’s Rage and further tailor a unique combat style for themselves.

Off the field, a different kind of battle is commencing in Black Desert SEA as Shakatu, Herio, Patrigio, Valks, and Beau the Courser are vying for the title of the “Genie” of the Black Desert world and have begun a vote to see which one of their “wishes” are most appealing to Adventurers. To woo voters, they have each prepared a reward that will be given out on June 5 if they win the popular vote. The polls will be open until May 29, and with each candidate offering something unique, voters and organizers are expecting a close result. Only one vote can be cast per family, and participants will receive three Item Collection Increase Scrolls. Adventurers are already lining up to cast their ballots—don’t miss this chance to turn a wish into reality!

For Adventurers looking to become stronger, Valks will be giving out special gifts every day from May 16-29 to those who venture into the Black Desert world.

Black Spirit’s,  Black Desert SEA  assist in the harrowing undertakings

Prized items like Advice of Valks and Black Crystal Shards have been prepared, so make sure to grab all of his gifts by logging in daily!

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