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Rescue HQ – The Tycoon, the emergency services management simulation developed by stillalive studios and published by the sim specialists at Aerosoft, dispatches onto Windows via Steam May 28, 2019.

Rescue HQ – The Tycoon, onto Windows via Steam

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Crises in San Francisco and Berlin are out of hand, but with clever ingenuity and a keen eye for management, the ultimate rescue center is possible. Police departments are on hand to prevent and halt crime, fire departments are prepared to halt blazing infernos, and medical services teams are ready to assist the infirmed and injured across the city.

Build and expand the city of your choice’s emergency services headquarters by hiring workers, purchasing property, and completing missions from the mayor. Mission rewards can increase reputation and add new vehicles, equipment, team members, workstations or more cash to further improve your headquarters. Manage the flow of money from city hall’s weekly budget, as equipment requires maintenance, and consistent emergencies can cause resources to dwindle.

Keep the headquarters humming by making sure the day and night shifts are happy with a common room and the resources they require. Unhappy workers mean worse response times and maybe even desertion as employees leave to find a manager who appreciates them. Build, hire, manage and keep expanding to keep things cool as the city heats up.

Dispatch first responders anywhere in the metropolis to help people in need. But dispatching doesn’t just happen with the click of a button. Effective management of vehicle types with different stats, personnel and experience require pre-emptive plans in addition to quick, reactionary thinking.

Some emergencies require all three teams to work together, from routine car crashes to special events including Football championships which may lead to riots to break up and fires to put out. Berlin or San Francisco could be under siege, leading to lawlessness and a scarcity of resources. It won’t ever get too serious though, as Rescue HQ- The Tycoon’s cute, approachable graphics and animations ensure the mood is always positive.

“We love sandbox-type games where we can manage many things at once, so police, firefighters and medical services seemed like a great fit for us,” said Winfried Diekmann, co-founder of Aerosoft. “With Rescue HQ- The Tycoon, we could combine our expertise in emergency services simulation with our passion for management games. Also, to get the community involved, Rescue HQ – The Tycoon supports extensive modding, enabling players to modify and add assets, scenarios, and entire maps of their own to the game.”

Rescue HQ – The Tycoon releases May 28, 2019 in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Polish on Windows. For more information, please visit the official website.

Rescue HQ - The Tycoon,  onto Windows via Steam

Ensure the safety of the people living in your city. In Rescue HQ you have to build, organize and manage a station with three different emergency departments. 
You are responsible for your employees, their satisfaction and the life of many other characters. Keep an eye on your environment to be always prepared for new emergencies and make sure your station is well-balanced so it can handle all kinds of emergencies.

You are the police – Take care of the prisoners, interrogate them, and process all current cases at the desk. You can train specialised units for different missions.
In addition, you have to prepare your police forces for special events like the visit of a mafia boss.

You are the fire brigade – Get ready for the rush of incoming emergencies and make sure your team has enough resources to handle them. Train your firefighters so they can develop unique skills. Assign them to different teams based on their skills and special experiences to be prepared for both a cat sitting on a tree and a major fire.

You are the ambulance – Look after your patients in the emergency room of your HQ and expand your station by new technologies. If someone gets injured it is your responsibility to bring him to your HQ and take care of him until he is doing better. In addition, make sure you produce enough medicine to avoid any supply shortages.

As manager of the headquarter it is your job to provide enough personnel and resources at all times so you are able to react to any unforeseen mission in time. At the same time, you have to keep an eye on your finances to make sure you have enough funds to further develop your headquarter – a balancing act that can lead to difficult decisions.

Can you keep cool and stay on top of the situation, despite three departments, numerous missions, and scarce resources demanding your attention? Prove your skills, your city counts on you!

  • Three emergency departments under one roof
    – Three different challenges and strategies
  • Build and expand your headquarter
  • 2 different settings, based on New York and Berlin, with corresponding vehicles
  • Resource management
  • Unforeseen and varying missions
  • Huge “scurrying factor” due to personnel that follows their routines
  • Extensive modding capabilities of all assets, maps, and missions
  • Day/night cycle with shifts management and changing emergency types
  • Level up your rookies to veteran status
  • Police department – “paperwork” that has to be processed and balanced with sending police officers to emergencies
  • Medical division – “patients” feature. Stock up on medical equipment to treat patients in critical condition, thus getting paid by their insurance
  • Firefighting department – Large operations with a lot of equipment, vehicles and people involved
  • Purchase property to expand you headquarters then make sure you fill it with things that are not only useful for the functioning of the department but also with the ones that will improve the mood of your employees
  • You will get paid by the city hall every week based on your performance
  • Earn rewards from successfully completed emergencies – either directly in form of money and reputation, delayed as with paperwork, patients and prisoners, or more complex like new team members, work stations, new unlocks, etc. 
  • Long-term scenario that presents challenges to you. It will provide waves of emergencies at specific times, which you can read off a timeline and prepare for accordingly
  • Objectives and achievements that guide you through the game experience
    – Providing a constant challenge
    – Keeping the difficulty level appropriate for your skill level

Rescue HQ can be extensively modded. You can create your own assets, maps, and missions using the F# language and Unity engine. Share your creations with the community via the Steam Workshop or download the mods from others.


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About stillalive studios

Founded 2010 in Austria, stillalive studios is best known for their work in the simulation genre as well as SciFi strategy game Drone Swarm. With a technically ambitious team, their talented developers create ambitious simulation, management and strategy games.

For more information on stillalive studios, check out their website.

About Aerosoft

In conjunction with the numerous cooperations, Aerosoft, founded in 1991, can be counted as one of the world’s leading publishers in the simulation genre. Thanks to strong distribution partners in Europe, South America and the USA, Aerosoft today generates over 50% of their turnover abroad. The product portfolio of Aerosoft includes many add-ons for the Microsoft flight simulator, Prepar3D as well as XPlane 10 & 11 and Aerofly FS 2, including add-ons.

For over 25 years, Aerosoft GmbH has been acknowledged for high-quality simulation products. Rooted in the flight simulation business where they have a wide range of add-ons for all mayor flight sim platforms, Aerosoft extended their product range to other PC simulations over the years. Titles like Emergency Call 112 – The Fire Fighting Simulation and the Autobahn Police Simulator established Aerosoft’s expertise in the emergency services sector.

For more information, visit their official website.


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