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Jadiri Gamer Monday Victory will be Mine Heaping Blue hot coals all over in the MTG Arena the and More Black and Blue are colored to Spell with today we continue to toughen our decks up to rip guts from the whales or whatever it is people think they're doing rather than playing cards in this game these days.

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Today was a banner day for us we completed all our goals quests and ended on a positive note that by its self is a win, almost makes one want to ask are devs finally hearing the millions of complaints and fixing problems well maybe I guess..
the game, in all honesty, has come a long way even since open beta and it is a whole lot of work pouring over all the code and animation sound and everything else involved.

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Magic: The Gathering Esports Seeks to Diversify Pro Scene with New Additions

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Magic: The Gathering has thrived as a physical collectible card game for more than 25 years, but the game’s status as an esport is still rather new. This year marks the start of the Magic Pro League, with 32 top players given a play and streaming contract to compete in weekly Magic: The Gathering Arena matches, plus the entire Magic competitive ecosystem (paper and digital combined) has $10M USD up for grabs in 2019. esportsobserver


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