Rescatux 0.71-beta7 Release Rescatux Beta, based on Debian Buster 10

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This last week I have been unable to sleep. Why? My friend adrian15 told me about him releasing another beta version of Rescatux. The last Rescatux beta was released on December 2017 Rescatux Beta, based on Debian Buster 10 . That’s more than a year ago.He has been hyping me about all those new features that this iso is going to have for the past two months. And he has also bothered me with all the problems he had been finding along the way. He is very persistent because he has finally managed to work around most of them.

Rescatux Beta, based on Debian Buster 10

So, the first thing I want to point out is that Rescatux, as you might know is usually based on Debian stable. Well, Rescatux 0.51b3 was based on Debian Jessie 8 and Rescatux 0.71 beta is based on Debian Buster 10 which happens not to be a Debian stable because it has not been released yet.

 Rescatux beta , based on Debian Buster 10
Debian Buster 10 will be release as stable Debian in the next months

But Debian Buster is frozen and it will be released as Debian stable in less than a year.

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Using Debian Buster 10 instead of Debian Jessie 8 as a base means that more recent hardware will be supported out of the box. And that’s great because I recently bought a HP250 G6 2SX60EA laptop and I want to test Rescatux on it. So that I can give adrian15 more work Ha Ha Ha !

The other nice about this iso is the many ways it can be booted. Super Grub2 Disk which has an hybrid boot that supports i386-pc, ia32-efi and amd64-efi boots is from the same author. So you should not an expect an amd64 only disk and an i386 only disk but an hybrid one.

And that’s what you get. Here there is a boot options summary table:

On x64 EFI amd64 Yes
On x64 EFI i386 Seems not to work
On ia32 EFI amd64 Non tested
On ia32 EFI i386 Non tested
Off x64 EFI amd64 Yes
Off x64 EFI i386 Yes
Off ia32 EFI amd64 Non tested
Off ia32 EFI i386 Non tested
Off BIOS amd64 Yes
Off BIOS i386 Yes

Have you noticed it? Yeah, that’s it. Now Rescatux 0.71 beta 7 gets Secure Boot supportfrom Debian Buster. And it’s Secure Boot which works with Microsoft Secure Boot enabled machines. So we are not going to need to tweak our UEFI firmware to be able to boot Rescatux. Yay!

What more about boot? Yes, there is this liveid thing that adrian15 made up so that some hp laptops that come with live-build installations do not confuse Rescatux boot. That’s supposed to be a new standard for live cds but according to what he has told me not many distros are willing to adopt it.

It’s UUID for live cds he has told me. It should be make easier the work of Yumi, Rufus, Easy2Boot and similar tools if combined with loopback.cfg according to him. Go figure.

Hands on – Boot

Enough talking. Let’s boot the iso and see what we get at.

I’m getting an isolinux menu with a countdown when booted in BIOS mode. Look at that! The poor tux penguin has beta 7 all of over his face! XD XD XD . This needs to be fixed in the next stable release. #FreeTuxFromBeta7


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