Spacelords Identity Giant Update is Here!

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 Independent development studio MercurySteam launched today Spacelords Identity, the new game update for its free to play shooter Spacelords. This latest expansion adds a huge range of new content to the game, including the hotly awaited Space Shop.

Spacelords Identity, Giant Update , latest expansion

The Space Shop offers a wide range of cosmetic customization for all the Spacelords character, making sure no two players will look the same in your games. Players can now acquire new skins for their favourite characters and their weapons, new emotes to express themselves as they battle for the control of the Broken Planet, and even a Space Disco to groove along their teammates in style!

Identity is a step forward in Spacelords’ transition to the free to play business model, offering an exciting range of optional cosmetic items to the growing Spacelords community,” commented Enric ÁlvarezGame Director.

“This update is just the second milestone in our ambitious Spacelords’ Roadmap, and we will continue to add top quality content to Spacelords in the coming months based on the players’ feedback.”

Spacelords Identity, Giant Update , latest expansion

Identity also adds much more than cosmetic upgrades to the game. The Adventure has been improved

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with the addition of monthly rewards, individual scores based on the player’s performance, and the new Featured Playerhighlight, that celebrates the most heroic deeds in the game.

Spacelords is as a Free to Play gaming experience for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10. Spacelords Identity, the latest major game update is available today for all users. For more information, visit Spacelords’ website:

Embark on an epic sci-fi, free-to-play adventure. Spacelords is a brand-new take on the shooter genre. Through its 4 vs 1 campaign, you experience both sides of the story: Join the Raiders in their fight to free the legendary Broken Planet, or switch sides and fight as the Antagonist alongside the invading hordes! 

– Spacelords is completely free to play. You will be able to fully progress through the entire game. 
– New 4 versus 1 campaign. Experience both sides of the story: join the Raiders in their fight to free the Broken Planet, or switch sides and foil their missions as the Antagonist.
– Mod your weapons and chose among hundreds of Cards to customize your character and create the ultimate Spacelords.
– Live a cinematic experience: over 80 incredible cinematic scenes will submerge you into the Spacelords universe. 

• 17 characters to choose from.
• Over 70 unlockable weapons.
• 4 configuration parameters for each weapon.
• Over 500 Character Cards. 

About Spacelords
An incredible discovery on one of Saturn’s moons leads a force of humans to the Broken Planet on the far reaches of the Universe. A source of energy called Aleph exists there that grants ultimate power to whoever controls it…
However, the human forces split into factions and fight amongst themselves for dominion over the Aleph. The peaceful inhabitants of the planet are caught in the crossfire, but a hero emerges amongst them who hopes to lead his people to freedom…

Using nefarious means and exploiting the disunity amongst the human ranks, Harec recruits a rag tag group of rogues, outlaws and hired guns from the various factions and pits them against those who would destroy his people…

Spacelords is a brand-new take on the shooter genre. Through its Free to Play, 4 vs 1 counter-operative campaign, you experience both sides of the story: Join the Raiders in their fight to free the legendary Broken Planet or become The Antagonist: Switch sides and fight the Raiders on your own alongside the invading hordes!

About MercurySteam
MercurySteam is the award-winning independent development studio behind the multi-million selling Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series and the critically acclaimed Metroid: Samus Returns. Their latest title is their first self-published game, Spacelords. Based in Madrid, Spain – MercurySteam’s mission is to create the best possible game experiences in partnership with players around the world.

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