Challengermode hosts, esports program, Nordic Game 19 , Malmö Sweden

Challengermode hosts a Terrific esports program at Nordic Game 19


Challengermode hosts esports program at Nordic Game 19 The online competitive gaming experts at Challengermode are hosting a special esports program at Nordic Game 2019, 22-24 May in Malmö, Sweden, featuring speakers from DreamHack, the world's largest digital festival and renowned esports team Alliance.

Challengermode hosts, esports program, Nordic Game 19 , Malmö Sweden

The esports program at Nordic Game 19 NG19 will consist of three in-depth sessions starting on 23 May, examining the perspectives and expectations of tournament organizers and esports teams from game developers, publishers and their titles, as well as esports infrastructure and technology, revealing what competitive games need to break-through in esports.

Opening the first session is Christoffer Elfving, esports veteran and former world champion in Counter-Strike (CS) with SK-Gaming, now key account manager at DreamHack. He will introduce the audience to the world of esports, focusing on esports tournament organization, and discuss how game developers and publishers can work together with esports organizers to make their titles as successful as possible.

The second talk will feature Alliance CEO Jonathan "Loda" Berg, former Dota 2 pro and world champion, revealing what game developers should know when it comes to supporting players and teams, as well as what these key esports participants expect from a title in the long-term, as both a successful competitive esports player and team owner. esports program

Online competitive gaming experts Philip Hübner and Philip Skogsberg from Challengermode will present the final session, focusing on tech and infrastructure in esports. They will reveal what developers should focus on in terms of game infrastructure to maximize potential as an export title, including streaming, online tournaments, user engagement, and monetization.

Challengermode hosts, esports program, Nordic Game 19 , Malmö Sweden

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no longer any doubt that esports is an entertainment phenomenon to be
reckoned with. But what does this mean for game developers and
publishers that are building or marketing competitive games? What makes
esports a viable investment? We hope to answer these and other
questions, by exploring what it takes to succeed as an esport at NG19,
" says Challengermode co-founder and head of product Philip Skogsberg. "We
also hope that by representing the entire esports ecosystem in this
special program, the talks will be engaging, informative and strengthen
ties between game developers, publishers, and the esports industry.

is expanding on every level, and a burning issue for the industry is
how competitive gaming can be integrated into all areas of game
” says NG19 program director Jacob Riis. “This
special esports program hosted by the online competitive gaming experts
from Challengermode is a fantastic addition to NG19, and I truly hope
that our attendees will enjoy and benefit from it!

About Challengermode
is a Swedish company founded in 2014 with the vision to create the best
possible online competitive gaming experience. By merging years of
business expertise and gaming experience, Challengermode is creating a
truly scalable platform that brings together tournament organizers,
gamers, brands and game developers into one ecosystem.

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About the Nordic Game conference
Game is the leading games conference in Europe, and 2019 will be its
sixteenth year. Gathering over 2,000 games industry professionals in
Malmö annually, Nordic Game is the one and only “home turf” meeting
place for the highly successful game developers of Denmark, Finland,
Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Learn more about Nordic Game 2019, 22-24 May at Slagthuset in Malmö, Sweden at

Challengermode and DreamHack enter strategic tournament platform partnershi

the world’s largest digital festival, and Challengermode, the world’s
most accessible digital arena for competitive gaming, jointly announce a
new long term tournament platform partnership which will see the
companies work together to enhance competitive gaming, from the
grassroots level to top tier esports events around the world and online.


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