let's just check out New Eternal members Try to win a few hands, The more I play this game the more I like this game, we finally managed to Check out the News game updates cards and play a bit finish the quest we ran out of time to complete some days back due to Problem beyond our control.

we attempt Change the Balance of power check out the power of the new Dark Frontier now in the game finished up Green tonight some wicked cards I wouldn't want to be facing hehe..#Eternal Eternal #challange #excetped and #beaten

New Eternal members Changing the Balance of PowerDark Frontier 

Dark Frontier is bringing over 200 new cards to Eternal in a matter of days; and dozens of new cards have already been revealed, enabling fun and exciting new ways to play. Today, we’d like to talk a little bit about the power cards of Dark Frontier, and what they help make possible.

New Eternal members Changing the Balance of Power  
Dark Frontier

New Eternal members Changing the Balance of Power  
Dark Frontier

Five of Dark Frontier‘s eleven power cards are part of a cycle of Insignias, providing fast and reliable influence-fixing, as long as you are devoted to one, and only one, of the two-faction alliances.

That said, some plans need to be seen through to the end. While Dark Frontier is a wild and new world to explore, there was one component of Defiance we knew we needed direct follow-up.

While it was important to make sure Dark Frontier has its own identity, Markets play too important of a role right now, in both casual and competitive Eternal, to leave unbalanced. The Market mechanic is one of the most powerful and revolutionary mechanics in Eternal, and while we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what the mechanic can enable, we felt it was important to first establish a baseline across all factions and two-faction combinations.

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Dark Frontier Community Spoilers!

Dark Frontier lands on Thursday, May 9th, bringing 200+ new cards to Eternal!

Mark your calendar: the last batch of Dark Frontier Community Spoilers will be available on Monday at 10am MST (16:00 UTC)!


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