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Fatdog Linux 64 801 Release

Linux Distribution

Fatdog Linux 64 801 Release This s a rolled-up release containing all updates that has happened since 800 was released. It contains bugfixes and some minor feature enhancements. There are no critical update in this release and if you're currently happy with 800 release, there is no need to update. 

Note that as usual Fatdog  Linux 64 does not upgrade from any older version. enhancements

Note that as usual Fatdog Linux 64 does not upgrade from any older version. enhancements

Changes from 800:


* Many static utilities in initrd are updated to either most recent versions, or versions identical to basesfs 
* linux-4.19.32 with support for snd-soc (some chromebooks) 
* cups-filter updated to 1.22.5, now properly supports printing to shared CUPS printer 
* grub4dos 0.4.6a, with support 64-bit ext4 
* rdesktop 1.8.4 
* xf86-video-xfbdev 1.5.0 
* xf86-video-vmware-13.3.0 
* xf86-video-amdgpu-19.0.1 
* yad 0.42.0 
* mc 4.8.22 
* civetweb 1.11 
* musl-libc 1.1.22 (devx) 
* mmview 20190409 

New Features: 

* xtrlock to lock screen without blanking (e.g. for watching movies etc). 
* magdock: home-grown screen magnifier by SFR 
* UExtract and PackIt are now included in the base by popular demand 
* JWM now uses dynamic menu (sort of) using jwm-xdgmenu 
* LXC sandbox now supports network (proxy ARP or NAT), and more secure desktop emulation 
* UML sandbox now supports NAT (previously only supported proxy ARP) 
* lxqt-panel-qt5 now includes temp sensor 
* vlc: ability to stream-out to chromecast devices, and stream-in from DLNA/NAS 
* various infrastructure changes to better support running other WMs, other desktops (other than Rox), and nvidia optimus 
* efiboot.img/grub2-efi: support UEFI PXE booting (thanks to gcmartin's insistence) 


* run-as-spot fixes, now libreoffice can be launched from web browser (e.g. download and view) 
* fontconfig fixes, now spot and root can share fonts (fixes evince not showing text when run as root) 
* Better MBP support out of the box (thanks to mavrothal) 
* xorg-server, xf86-video-vesa, xf86-video-fbdev: restore support for 24bpp vesa and fbdev 
* fatdog-remaster fixes as identified in forum thread 
* busybox rebuild with various upstream patches and fixes 
* fatdog-default-soundcard: OSS remapping now persistent across reboots 

Get it from ibiblio and usual mirrors (links below, the same for Fatdog 800).

Get it from ibiblio and usual mirrors (links below, the same for Fatdog 800). 

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Discussion for Fatdog 801 starts from page 13 in this thread. 

ISO builder also released, use builded dated 2019.05 and 801 package list. 

After nine months in the making with about 4 months testing (both internal and public), Fatdog Team is pleased to annouce the general availability of Fatdog64 800 Final on 28 Feb 2019. 

This is a new series of Fatdog, based on LFS 8.2, replacing the 700 series started five years ago with LFS 7.5. 
It is the same Fatdog that you know and love, only better. 
It comes with updated packages and improved applications. 

As usual, Fatdog doesn't update from previous versions, but it is especially more so since this is based on new base, with newer libraries, new and different config files and config file locations, etc. Please start with a new savefile/savedir if you're "upgrading" from 721 or older. 

Changes from 721:

The list of updates shows only the highlights because basically every package is updated. 

* Full system rebuild with major package updates. 
* linux-4.19.24 
* AMD microcode to latest (pulled on 2018-12-18 ) 
* gcc 7.3.0 
* glibc 2.27 
* eudev 3.2.5 
* sqlite3-3.26.0 
* openssl-1.1.0j 
* Xorg-1.20.3 
* xf86-video-amdgpu-18.1.0 
* xf86-video-ati-18.1.0 
* xf86-video-intel-2.99.18 (updated to the latest) 
* mesa-18.2.8. 
* GTK+ 2.24.32 with Glib 2.58.1 with GTK+ 3.22.30 in the repo 
* Qt 5.11.1 (partial) with Qt 4.8.7 in the repo 
* Openbox 3.6.1 
* LxQt Panel Qt5 0.12.0 
* ALSA 1.1.6 
* FFmpeg 4.0 
* CUPS 2.1.3 
* Seamonkey 2.49.4 with agent switcher 
* Evince fixes CVE-2017-1000083 
* Flash-plugin- with in the repo 
* VLC-3.0.6 
* Libreoffice- 
* Findnrun-4.0.2 with fuzzy search option 
* Fefind-0.11.4 
* Gimp-2.8.22 fixes with 2.10.4 in the repo 
* Bluez 5.50 
* Wine 3.16, 3.21, 4.0 supporting 32-bit and 64-bit Windows applications 
* SMB Browser 2.0.0 
* Various system tools updates 
* Hundreds of other package upgrades 

New Features: 
* Redshift and GUI to set location. 
* Wpa_gui updated with network activity icon and renamed to Network tool. 
* Numerous ROX-Filer enhancements (rox-filer-jun7) 
* Click actions for many file types 
* More accurate drive icons 
* New and faster Control Panel 
* Several new Control Panel applets 
* Haveged daemon 
* fatdog-remaster supports "medium initrd" (kernel modules inside, basesfs outside) 
* BackSeatDriver (bsdriver) 3.19 - "Remote management tool" from smokey01 
* savedevice and basedevice are now bind-mounted to their proper /mnt/sdXY mountpoints 

* Fotoxx back into the base system (Viewnior remains the default image viewer) 
* AVIdemux into the base system 
* TigerVNC viewer replaces TightVNC viewer 
* Stronger system password encryption 

Modules (drivers): 
* Support for rtl8821ce-based wireless network adapters 
* Improved connectivity with selected TP-Link and Netgear USB wireless adapters 

Known Issues: 
* Bluetooth applet is still missing. In the interim please use CLI or check this out: http://murga-linux.com/puppy//viewtopic.php?t=115122


If you are a 800 RC testers, here are the changes from 800 RC: 
Changes from 800RC:
* Linux 4.19.24 
* Fixes libexiv2 missing symlink 
* Updated zarfy showing ultra small icons 
* lxrandr now stores its output in $HOME/Startup 
* Better sfs_manager (shows index from ibiblio) 
* grub2-efi: add PXE boot entry to embedded configuration 
* Better OOTB experience for MBP users (thanks mavrothal) 
* rc.sysinit will update hwdb.bin if source data is newer 
* Fixes getjava.sh 
* Remaster: better estimated size calculation 

If you're a 800RC tester, you may get away using the same savefile/savedir with 800 Final. This is generally not the case, though. 


Get it from ibiblio or from one of its mirrors: aarnetuoc.gr, and nluug.nl

Packages can be installed from the Control Panel > System > Gslapt Package Manager applet (click Update first). 
SFS-es can be installed from the Control Panel > System > SFS Manager applet. 

Thank you for our alpha, beta, and RC testers: dr.Dan, jake29, smokey01, p310don, mavrothal, rufwoof, and all other testers. You all have helped to make this a better release for everyone. 

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