Beaumont, Texas – SR2 Solutions announced today the launch of a new Cloud Storage Service and Personal Cloud Server designed to be easy to use and to help protect iPhone and Android users from hackers and digital disaster. With the rise in data breaches from major cloud storage brands, ransomware, and natural disasters threatening people’s data, SR2 is seeking to help customers protect their documents, photos, videos, and any other kind of digital content against these growing threats.

“We built these products from the ground up with security and privacy in mind for our users” said Charles Teel, SR2 Founder. “Many of the online services like Dropbox, and Google Drive integrate a lot of technologies such as single sign on, or sign on through Facebook or Twitter to make it easier for users to access their services. But features like that come at a cost to privacy since these services give them marketing data on how you are using their services. Plus they can be a potential weak spot for hackers to exploit. We don’t think cloud storage services should operate like that. So we built these products to be easy to use, but without the potential weaknesses and we will never use your data for market research.”

The first of the new products being announced today is the Personal Secure Cloud Server. This is an easy to install server with its own internal storage where users can backup all of the files, photos, and videos onto hardware that they own. “You should be able easily to hold on to and OWN your files and photos” said Teel. All of a user’s smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops are able to synchronize and backup to these easy to use device not unlike the typical network accessible storage (NAS). But this device takes it a step further by offering fully encrypted off-site backups without needing a professional IT department to implement it.

With off-site backups users further protect their files and photos from fires, floods, power surges, and other disasters that may cause damage to the hardware. A user simply needs to plug it into their router either at home or at their office and it will be ready to go. The Personal Secure Cloud Server is available in a variety of storage sizes from 250 Gigabytes to 2 Terabytes and comes with duel core processors, 4 Gigabytes of RAM, and either HDD or SSD storage to provide top notch performance while working with files.

The second of the two new products being announced today is the Cloud Storage Service which is setup to operate in a way similar to services like Dropbox and Google Drive such as file sync and file sharing but with even more features for security including support for Multi-factor authentication from systems like Google Authenticator and Universal Second Factor (U2F) USB tokens. They also include features to protect against ransomware with file version control. New users can sign up for free 1 Gigabyte accounts. Additionally there are options to upgrade for larger storage plans for anywhere from 5 Gigabytes to 500 Gigabytes. All of this is hosted on SR2 managed servers which are continuously monitored for any security threats.

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SR2 Solutions is a Beaumont, Texas based cyber security firm led by full stack developer and experienced cyber security professional, Charles Teel. Started in 2017 as a cyber security consulting firm, SR2 Solutions has worked with firms across the globe providing custom cyber security services to organizations in Oil & Gas, Finance & Banking, Information Technology, Law Offices, Medical Offices, Municipal/State/Federal Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Nonprofits, and countless other sectors. SR2 Solutions is driven by a mission to Secure, Respond, and Recover information technologies to help protect the people that use it. Copyright (C) 2019, SR2 Solutions, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, macOS, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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