Crab War has been visited by a special Ramadhan butterfly, here to bless your brave crab warriors with gifts to aid in the war against the reptiles!

Crab War has been visited by a special Ramadhan butterfly, here to bless your brave crab warriors with gifts to aid in the war against the reptiles!

Players can collect Ramadhan Badges to trade for items such as gems, pearls, conches, and a beautiful gilded Ramadhan Shell for your Appxplore crabs. For those who want even bigger boosts at excellent value, there is a special Ramadhan promo, which includes legendary conches and gem sets.

In addition, the Ramadhan event brings you incredible trials to conquer. The Land of Reptiles has been invaded by four different King Reptiles, including the Vampire King, the Red Dragon, the Frost Tongue, and the Easter Fiend! Test yourself this Ramadhan by taking on all four of these monstrous beasts!

Crab War crab warriors war against the reptiles

Finally, this update also includes adjustments to make the gameplay feel smoother and more powerful. Players now automatically progress a small percentage of their distance whenever they perform an Ecdysis. Once the player reaches 10000m and unlocks the Ecdysis Queen Upgrade feature, the gold gained is used up in the instant right after Ecdysis to upgrade as many Queen Crabs as possible, all at once, so players can go forth and take on the reptiles with even greater speed and efficiency!

Challenge yourself with the Ramadhan Event in Crab War now!

Challenge yourself with the Ramadhan Event in Crab War now!

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The award-winning mobile game developer iCandy Interactive has announced its bounty event for the upcoming blockchain-based game CryptantCrab. The bounty is now open to all!

In order to participate in the Bounty, users have to register their info on a Bounty Form.

Selected accounts that qualify will receive one CryptantCrab that will have an estimated value of 0.5 ETH* once the Pre-Sale opens. The developers confirmed that the process of selection will be randomized considering all the conditions that should be fulfilled.

iCandy Interactive Announces CryptantCrab Game

  • Pioneer status for Pre-Sale CryptantCrabs – this status will be visible in-game
  • A higher chance to win Legendary CryptantCrabs
  • Exclusive unique Legendary CryptantCrabs that are only available during the Pre-Sale

The CryptantCrab project is a unique game that pairs blockchain technologies, pet collection, mutations, and epic crab battles. It is a spin-off from iCandy’s award-winning Crab War mobile game that takes inspiration from the traditional fighting fish hobby, a popular past-time that is widespread throughout Southeast Asia. iCandy believes that its new venture will bring blockchain gaming to the next level, because it allows players to discover an ancient Asian hobby and, at the same time, experience all the advantages of blockchain integration.

iCandy Interactive Announces CryptantCrab Game

The game runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is accessible only via the web-based interface most gamers are familiar with. iCandy revealed to Blockspoint that there are many encouraging factors in creating a blockchain-powered game. One of the main drivers is how blockchain helps to maintain the rarity of crabs as every creature will be tagged with the digital token. Thus, the crabs cannot be destroyed, lost, or taken from their owners without permission. Blockchain will also keep track of game battles and respective experience gains of crabs, including their mutations and overall stats.

Crab War on Android

Crab War on iOS

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