Voyager GE 19.04 that continues the adventure with the desktop Gnome Shell version 3.32 by introducing new features. With the promise

Voyager GE 19.04 Release

Linux Distribution

 Voyager GE 19.04 that continues the adventure with the desktop Gnome Shell version 3.32 by introducing new features. With the promise finally realized to have a light Gnome system, fast, fluid and powerful. This version is based on the Linux 5.0 kerneland distribution Ubuntu Disco Dingo . 19.04 is an intermediate version upgrade nine monthspreparing the future version 20.04 LTS - Long-term Support - 5 years that happens every two years, when Voyager will be available in 2 versions, GNOME Shell and Xfce. Also you can choose according to your wishes and capacity machines. The general idea of Voyager is to introduce in Gnome Gnome Shell preinstalled extensions and scripts grouped in a box that optimize the system with a choice of necessary software. The set in a redesigned ergonomics. A video presentation and pictures are available. Soon for this new human and digital adventure.

Attention as with version 18.10 Gnome Shell for Voyager GE 19.04 is still a test version still young to see if he likes it or not, is going to grow, to change, to mature in time according to user feedback ... Some compatibility issues may exist between exotic extensions here more updates and the system. If this is the case, please disable extensions. Remember that Gnome Shell Extensions are made by volunteers and their time. Voyager increased from two original Ubuntu extensions 25 with an activated part. Thank you.

 Download (MD5)Voyager-GE-19.04-amd64.iso


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