the release of the next version of our distro, the fifth as an official flavor of the Ubuntu family.19.04 is supported for 9 months; our 18.04 LTS


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the release of the next version of our distro, the fifth as an official flavor of the UBUNTU BUDGIE 19.04 is supported for 9 months; our 18.04 LTS is supported for 3 years.

Based on 18.04 & 18.10 experiences, feedback and suggestions that we have received from our users, the new release comes with a lot of new featuresfixes and optimizations. This release is a big step towards our 20.04 LTS.

Here is what you can expect with the new release:

  • showcasing the latest budgie-desktop developments - budgie-desktop v10.5 is now officially available,
  • showcasing the latest budgie-applets available
  • replacing nautilus for nemo - retains desktop-icons capability with all the features of nemo such as dual pane etc + integrated catfish search. Lookout for our nemo-extensions in budgie-welcome recommendations.
  • stylish reworking of our desktop together shipping a new theme QogirBudgie which can be chosen together with Pocillo and Arc
  • integrating all of this together with the major GNOME developments of GTK+3.24 and Mutter 3.32

You can read more about what we have been upto via our 19.04 release notes. Upgrade instructions from 18.10 are included. Please have a read these since there are a number of issues that you need to be aware of.

Download links and installation guide are provided. As always - do check the md5sum hash value of the downloaded ISO - this really does help you get on with a flying start for your install.

If you have any questions, remember, our forum is always open and ready to help you.

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