The time has finally come for us to show you how Chernobylite feels and plays. Watch the video and shroud yourself i

Chernobylite, the upcoming sci-fi survival horror from The Farm 51, reveals the first official gameplay trailer! See what awaits you in the 3D-scanned Chernobyl Exclusion Zone!

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The time has finally come for us to show you how Chernobylite feels and plays. Watch the video and shroud yourself in an ultra-realistic survival horror experience set in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and Prypyat Ghost City.

Watch the first official Chernobylite gameplay trailer HERE – just don’t forget to put on your gas mask before doing so!

The Kickstarter campaign for Chernobylite started just a week ago, and 50% of the goal has been reached in just two days with current pledges at over $86,000 out of the $100,000 funding goal. However The Farm 51 developers still need gamers’ support in order to revisit the site with their Reality 51 3D scanning technology and achieve the most accurate reconstruction of the entire Chernobyl area including the destroyed Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The campaign can be supported here:

It’s also worth to add the game to your wishlist on Steam ( not to miss any updates on its further development.

And if you’d like to chat with developers directly you can join the game’s Discord channel (

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