MTGARENA Daily Quest and Jadiri Gamer Today Magic colors Red N Blue Let see how it goes. today was a very interesting day, Started

MTG ARENA Daily Quest Magic colors Red N Blue

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MTGARENA Daily Quest with Jadiri Gamer Today Magic colors Red N Blue Let see how it goes. today was a very interesting day, Started with what developers were calling a silent update without patch note on the forum.

Fandom Fare PC Gaming News Here is the Notice from the MTG Forum

We will be deploying a client update on April 16th, 2019 at approximately 5:30PM PDT (April 17th 00:30 UTC). While no downtime is expected, players will be notified in-game when the update is available and will be required to download a small patch the next time Magic: The Gathering Arena is launched.

There are no patch notes associated with this update.
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however, when I tried to load the game it updated and updated again and when it tried to launch there was a hot patch on the third try it did launch there honestly was no visible changes from the home page to speak of there were no notes as to what it was all about however in playing the game it became clear that one of the things the patch was about was the MTGA shuffle every hand I played no matter how many time I played the same deck the shuffle was different mana (lands were actually coming out of my deck in every deal as well as lands in at least one of every two draws .

I was surprised and even shocked to find that my deck does work as well as I remember so many months ago when I started playing open beta they actually have a kick to them when the mana required is made available to not only cast them but make their enchantments spells and such work.

the other thing I noticed is they still have not put any control on mill decks, yes I know there are Magic the gathering cards that can take out however many using these are not using just one or 2 cards to gut your deck to the boneyard they are using 5 to 8 of them and oddly enough the whole deck has to be made mainly of them as these cards are coming out consistently each time you play them and I have played the same people same deck many times .

one thing that stands out loud and clear after you play MTGA 7 days a week for months I live stream every game as evidence you play the same 10 to 12people every time now and again you might see one or two new faces Magic: The Gathering Arena ##MTGA #Magiclivestream #JadiriGamer

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