Yostar Games new cross-platform anime-themed mahjong game, called Mahjong Soul, makes its debut with eight new characters. Mahjong Soul features

​​​​​​​The Cutest Anime-themed Mahjong Game Makes Its Debut With Character Reveal

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Yostar Games new cross-platform anime-themed mahjong game, called Mahjong Soul, makes its debut with eight new characters. Mahjong Soul features famous Japanese voice actresses, a modifiable game experience where players can select different BGMs, effects, and styles. With an in-game Friendly Match system, players can join or invite friends to play together. The game also offers a comprehensive tutorial that will guide new players to easily learn to play mahjong and complete a match. The game will be available on browser, Android and iOS. The browser version is scheduled to launch on April 25th.

Players will start the game with two default characters. Additional characters can be acquired through summonings. Players can select one of eight characters to best represent their taste and personality throughout the game.

Check out the latest trailer of Mahjong Soulhttps://youtu.be/Ol4ANzWg-5E

Ichihime (VA Maaya Uchida) is one of the first characters to appear at Mahjong Soul Shrine. As a priestess of the Shrine, she claims to be human despite her obvious cat ears.

Miki Nikaidou (VA Chiwa Saitou) is a mysterious female Mahjong player. She is intelligent with a flirtatious nature. People often find her to be unpredictable.

Nadeshiko (VA Chiwa Saitou) has a natural love for motorbikes, beer, and traveling. Her height often gives others the impression that she is distant, but she’s actually very easy to get along with. Nadeshiko is very talented and learned most games, including Mahjong, without any guidance.

Kana Fujita (VA Maaya Uchida) was just an ordinary high school girl with cute looks, prior to being discovered by a talent agency. As a gameholic, Kana learned to play Mahjong under the influence of her senior, Nadeshiko. “Nadeshiko outplays me in all other games, but I will never lose when it comes to a game of luck such as Mahjong!”

Chiori Mikami (VA Yuka Iguchi) was born in a rich family in Tokyo. Her parents often travel for work and the housemaid takes care of Chiori most of the time. She once received a teddy bear bag from her parents as a birthday gift, which she has kept with her all this time. She learned about Mahjong from a TV show and fell in love with the game.

Riu Kujou (VA Ami Koshimizu) is also born in Tokyo. Her father and Chiori’s father are good friends. Because Chiori’s parents are away from home most of the time, Riu has been living with Chiori and taking care of her like an elder sister ever since they were children. She also started playing Mahjong because of Chiori. Over time, Kujou fell in love with the game.

Mai Aihara (VA Yuka Iguchi) is a priestess in the Moon Shrine. Despite having to greet a lot of people at the Shrine each day, she is incredibly shy. Visitors would often complain about her voice being hard to hear. Aihara learned how to play Mahjong from her elder neighbors nearby.

Yui Yagi (VA Ami Koshimizu) is a genius with an IQ of 180. Upon a chance visit, she came to Mahjong Soul Shrine and became inspired in Mahjong. Other than enjoying coffee and snacks, Yui has a really poor sense of taste.

Official website: https://mahjongsoul.yo-star.com/#/
Facebook official page: https://www.facebook.com/MahjongSoulEN/

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