Deck of ashes Fandom Fare Checking in with Deck of ashes it's been a week in Early access Yes I played without a mike on I got One card away from finishing the Chapter

Fandom Fare Checking in with Deck of ashes it’s been a week in Early access

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Fandom Fare Checking in with Deck of ashes it's been a week in Early access Yes I played without a mike on I got One card away from finishing the Chapter I have to be honest it hurt. Deck of ashes

Personally, I think the end game is a tad too hard and takes a bit long the average person playing is in it for 20 to 40 minutes at a time the end game alone can take longer than that.

Here are the Latest Patch Notes for Deck of Ashes PC Gaming News

PATCH NOTES (EA Build 164)

Bug fixes:
● Incorrect work of teleports, starting from the second chapter.
● Highlited teleport button after quitting the game.
● Incorrect Sacrificial Skull damage in the final battle.
● Crit. Chance and Evade Chance does have unlimited unit max.
● Ash Ruler modifier not worked as it should.
● Card tooltips in the battle were displayed over the edge of the screen.
● Incorrect "Alt + Tab" function.
● Scroll of Ignition no stacks.
● Incorrect effect of Blacksmith’s Gift event.
● Wide Holster card has an incorrect "burn" icons in select stage.
● Incorrect recipes disappearance delay.
● Incorrect Traits tooltips.
● Black Grimoire sent fragile cards into the Deck of Ashes.
● Destruction of a cell on the world map did not work correctly after loading.
● Incorrect display of reward points before reloading a game or entering a collection screen.

Monster fixes:
● Critical error in the battle with the Spirit of Despair when using the Scroll of Reincarnation.
● Stitches passive skill Putrefaction has incorrect damage descripton.

● Current version number in the lower right corner of the screen.
● Technical improvements on player's death effect.
● Camera position after destruction of a cell on the world map.

Localization fixes:
● Fixed localization of Terrible Truth event.
● Traits menu header at merchant on french localization.
● The tabs tooltips of the NPCs are now closer to the buttons in all languages.
● NPCs tabs buttons shifted to left edge of window in all languages.

I personally think in future updates of Deck of ashes if they want this to be a game that all will return to ply day after day they will find a way to make it a bit lighter and broke down losses are permanent your back to square one for many people passing times on quick relax breaks they are looking for something they can finally come out on top with .

this is just my take. Deck of Ashes sorry for the miss tagging this games tag still not found on the list you can not stream a game with Streamlab on facebook unless its ragged PC Gaming


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