Calling all action fans with an itchy trigger finger!Armor Games Studios is pumped to announce that Zombotron, the side-scrolling shooter

Zombie Blasting Run n’ Gun Zombotron Coming to PC April 22

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IRVINE, California - April 15, 2019 — Calling all action fans with an itchy trigger finger!Armor Games Studios is pumped to announce that Zombotron, the side-scrolling shooter from developer Ant Karlov, will be releasing on PC and Mac on April 22, 2019 for $14.99.

is a heart-pounding, run-n-gun shooter with a legacy dating back to the
golden era of web games. You follow Blaze, a mercenary desperate for a
job. In search of an easy payday, he follows a distress beacon to the
surface of a dangerous planet and the remains of an ancient crash site.
There he finds a mystery that will test his strength, his resolve, and
every gun at his disposal. Zombotron features an arsenal of weapons and
armor, vicious explosions, and enemies that hate each other as much as
they hate you.

Zombotron’s roots in the web game space unearths a legacy of
excellence. As prime examples of the platform-shooter genre, the
Zombotron franchise has always been synonymous with satisfying gunplay,
feisty adversaries, and hilarious physics. Zombotron, Zombotron II, and
Zombotron II: Time Machine have resulted in over 14 million plays
worldwide, and are still climbing.


  • Physics Shenanigans: Crush foes with elevators, send them flying with explosives, run them down in vehicles, and much more.
  • Build your Arsenal: Lock and load with a variety of weapons as a soldier of fortune.
  • Unveil the Mystery: Discover the secrets of the planet Zombotron in an engaging, camp-tastic storyline.
  • Dress for Success: Customize Blaze's armor to be the space-faring badass you've always wanted to be.

This was my first project of this size and depth, such a huge amount of time and effort,” said Anton Karlov, the developer of Zombotron, “I hope that players will like it so I can take what I’ve learned and continue to apply it to future projects.

Zombotron titles were played by over 14 million people worldwide. For
many of us, they were the first platform shooter we'd ever played.
Zombotron is a game that once you start playing, you just can't put it
down, you'll be craving just one more headshot
.” said Justin Ramos, VP of Operations & Strategy at Armor Games Studios. “We’re proud to support Anton's vision for the franchise.

Visit the Steam Page:

About Ant.Karlov Games

Karlov has been a game developer for 14 years under the handle
Ant.Karlov. You might be familiar with some of his web-games on sites
like Armor Games, Newgrounds, and Kongregate, including games like Fire
Catcher, Alien Transporter, Mining Truck, Knighttron, and Mushroomer.
Zombotron is Ant.Karlov's first premium title and builds upon over a
decade of gameplay and design experience.

About Armor Games Studios

its roots as a popular portal for online gaming, Armor Games Studios is
a publisher that aims to work directly with and help foster talented
indie developers to create unique and engaging games of all types for
all platforms. For more information,

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