Go to Bullet Hell on April 18th - HELL IS OTHER DEMONS to Launch on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch

Go to Bullet Hell on April 18th – HELL IS OTHER DEMONS to Launch on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch

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San Francisco (April 12th, 2019) - Demons? Heavy armaments? Synthwave? Welcome to hell, which also conveniently doubles as a fast-paced bullet hell platformer! Hell is Other Demons, developed by Cuddle Monster Games and published by Kongregate, officially launches on PC + Mac (via Kartridge),
and Nintendo Switch on April 18th, 2019, with a Steam launch following
on May 20th. Get ready to put your reflexes and arcade shooting to the

Try and keep up with the pixel-soaked action of Hell Is Other Demons’ announcement trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wsqycxXOZI

concept here is nice and simple. You’re a demon. You don’t like other
demons. Too bad hell is full of them. Grab the closest rocket launcher,
sword, or laser gun and fight your way through the hellish masses. All
of this is tied together with an instantly-striking aesthetic, mixing
chunky pixels with bold color schemes to ensure you always know exactly
what you’re dealing with, even if it’s a giant, saw-wielding skeleton
bearing down on you.

Hell is Other Demons features
an extensive campaign and upgrade system that will test your mettle
against hordes of bullet fodder and giant, over-the-top bosses, as well
as an endless cycle of demonic invasion in the procedurally generated
Arcade Mode. The name of the game here is speed and precision, as you
achieve that satisfying, zen-like state of being, air-dodging and
weaving through more pixelated bullets than you can shake a floating
skull at.

this with a thumping synthwave soundtrack by Rémi Gallego (The
Algorithm) and deliciously retro sound design by Magnus Pålsson
(VVVVVV), and Hell is Other Demons will transport you into the bowels of hell. But like, with more bleeps and bloops.

Hell is Other Demons launches on April 18, 2019, with availability on PC and Mac (Kartridge), as well as Nintendo Switch. The game will then launch on Steam on May 20, 2019. Can’t wait for your own personal trip to hell? Air-dash over to the game’s website, follow its development on Twitter, and follow Kongregate on Twitter.

About Kongregate

is a cross-platform game publisher, web gaming destination, and the
owner of the Kartridge PC gaming platform. Kongregate's publishing
focuses on titles across mobile, web/PC, and consoles. Working closely
with game developers, Kongregate publishing provides consulting,
analytics, marketing, launch support, and game features such as
cross-promotion, guilds, and chat. Kongregate’s mobile games have been
downloaded hundreds of millions of times and have billions of gameplays.
 Together, Kartridge, a downloadable PC gaming platform, and
Kongregate.com feature thousands of free and premium games played by
millions of gamers per month. Kongregate is a subsidiary of leading
international digital entertainment group MTG and is based in San

About Cuddle Monster Games

Monster Games is an independent indie game studio based in Jönköping,
Sweden. It's a one man shop consisting of Hannes Rahm.

Hell is Other Demons is their first big commercial project.


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