Earthbound Games announces the launch of Axiom Soccer, a free-to-play multiplayer sports-shooter, available to download and play today on PC

Today’s Axiom Soccer Early Access Launch Brings Shooting And Free-To-Play To Rocket League Genre

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Earthbound Games announces the launch of Axiom Soccer, a free-to-play multiplayer sports-shooter, available to download and play today on PC from the Steam Early Access platform.

Axiom Soccer expands Rocket League’s genre of high-adrenaline online vehicle sports by combining the best of real-world ball games with the third-person shooting skills of games like Splatoon and Fortnite. The result is an exciting, non-violent shooter that promotes sports skills rather than kills.

Named as one of the best games on show at last week’s EGX Rezzed festival in London, Axiom Soccer challenges players to pass, dribble and shoot their way to victory on the pitch by skilful control of their projectile-firing drone.

Chris Stamp, CEO of Axiom Soccer developer Earthbound Games said, “We were delighted to have Eurogamer highlight Axiom Soccer as one of their favourite games from Rezzed, as the quality of competition at the show is really high. With games like Fortnite and Apex Legends having shown the potential of free-to-play in the PC market we expect to see that trend continue. Launching as free-to-play positions Axiom Soccer to benefit from that shift.”

Axiom Soccer supports competitive and collaborative play both off and online and later in Early Access the game will also be breaking new ground with its use of interactive crowd features. Earthbound Games will be adding purchasable content to the game via constant updates based on feedback from its passionate community of players.

Axiom Soccer is available to download from Steam for FREE from today.

Key features:
•    Mix football and shooter skills to secure glory
•    Competitive and Friendly play modes
•    Team play with friends
•    Up to 4 player local-play matches
•    Up to 6 player online matches
•    Customisation of drone body kits, team strips, and more
•    Competitive leagues with weekly battles for relegation or promotion
•    Live interactive crowd-features

Press kit:



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Today’s Axiom Soccer Early Access Launch Brings Shooting And Free-To-Play To Rocket League Genre 5

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