Time for Climate Change in the MTGArena JadiriGamer Thursday Edition of MTGARENA Daily Quest Green and White are the Magic colors today 20 of them

Time for Climate Change in the MTGArena meet you in VICTORY PARK

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It usually takes a

Time for Climate Change in the MTGArena Jadiri Gamer Thursday Edition of MTGARENA Daily Quest Green and White are the Magic colors today 20 of them lets get gold Digging, wow today was better than average fI would say Finished the quested ranked and held the rank.

we are experimenting to find the Right Combination of Decks To Win the better percentage and Rank up the Ladder higher. What is clear is Playing the same deck more than once other than mono deck leads to Shuffle Problem and land issues now to find the right blend of deck mix, no matter the color for the daily quest.


everything in the game Clearly has a pattern to it Nothing is Random or Dumb luck in any way o matter what Logic other use to impress this in you, Higher mana cost power cards are not better or the answer either is huge 250 card deck what is important is every ard with mana cost 5 and lower Life link and power boost and Enchantment Flying.

we have now discovered even with a deck of 60 a mono deck is Immune to mill decks if they are tough enough the reason is that the mana is so available and you can play any card that comes out so long as you keep mana cost low from 0 ro4 or 5. most mill decks come without a lot of power they are made up of mainly sideboard cards that suck your deck into your graveyard.

we also know that Mono decks are immune to the matching making seed playing multi Color decks once you win 3 the losses start to hit the decks your put against grow tougher untill matching achieve 33 or more losses at that point the matches get easier untill the wins start again Matching Seed cannot beat the Mono card seeding of land clumping in the op every other card and the low mana requirements so after 3 wins bring out your Mono Flying army and stem the tide of losses to hold your rank higher

I could go on but Next time we will learn more thanks for watching and your supposrt

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