Psychological Mystery Draugen What does it mean to be truly alone? To be a prisoner of your own mind, a perennial stranger in a strange land?

There's Something Sinister in the Fjords…

Oslo, Norway - April 4, 2019 - Psychological Mystery Draugen What does it mean to be truly alone? To be a prisoner of your own mind, a perennial stranger in a strange land?

Charles Harden has spent his life in self-imposed isolation, a prisoner
of his manor study, chained to books and letters ; his only contact
with the outside world his sister Betty, and Lissie, Edward’s young

But now his sister has vanished and Edward must overcome his
fears to follow her fading trail. Accompanied by Lissie — his steadfast
companion and his only, tenuous connection to reality — he must embark
on a dark journey into the misty fjords of rural Norway.

Watch the story trailer here:

Draugen is
a first-person exploration of the secrets and lies that hide beneath
picturesque surfaces, set against the beautiful backdrop of 1920s
Norway. Play as Edward Harden searching for his missing sister.
Accompanied by his ward Lissie, journey into a remote coastal community
to find—

No, wait.

There’s much more going on here.

Described as a ‘Fjord Noir’ tale of mystery and suspense, Draugen is
more than a quest for a missing woman; it’s also a story about an
unusual friendship, a forsaken community, a family torn apart by
secrets, and a man haunted by his own past.


  • Lissie
    is an independent and personable companion who reacts and interacts
    with Edward through dynamic dialogues and a context-sensitive interface.
  • Witness the environmental changes alongside Edward's worsening mental state.
  • Discover the clues left amongst the twists and turns of the unravelling mystery.
  • Accompanied by a moving, original score by award-winning composer Simon Poole.







Draugen is coming to Windows on Steam and GOG in May 2019. 

About Red Thread Games

Red Thread was founded in 2012, with a mission to
create games with soul for players who love stories. The studio is
located in downtown Oslo, Norway, and has 12 employees.

In 2014, Red Thread released the first episode of Dreamfall Chapters:
a third-person adventure game set in the twin worlds of science and
magic, where your choices have real and lasting consequences. The
five-part series concluded in 2016, and was followed by PlayStation 4
and Xbox One versions, and a ‘Final Cut’ re-release for Windows/Mac in

Red Thread is currently working on first-person adventure Draugen, and survival RPG Svalbard.


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