Ok We are going to do Some Eternal Its been a while since we have played let see what news, we really like Eternal here and really need more

We aim to Game Eternal card game come Join us PC or Mobile Gaming

Live Game streaming

We aim to Game Eternal Card Game Its been a while since we have played let see what news, we really like Eternal here and really need more into this game there is a lot we haven't and what more even though there is in-game cards you can purchase it absolutely free you can win cards as you go check out and opened up yet

Eternal is available on Steam for PC Great game, we highly recommend it you will see us playing more as time goes on it can also be played on mobile it card RPG its mobile has something for everyone of all ages

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Eternal Leaderboards Chapter 28: Homecoming

We’ve got our sixth set of players qualified for the Masters Challenges! Congrats to everyone who finished Chapter 28 in the Top 100 of Ranked or Draft!

Don’t forget: the Ranked Masters Challenge and the Draft Masters Challenge are separate events. Players who manage to qualify in both Ranked and Draft will be eligible to play in both Masters Challenges, and double their chances of making it to Worlds!

Chapter 29: The Winter Crown is now underway, and we’ll be welcoming more qualified Masters Challenge players at the end of the month! So get out there and win your way up the Leaderboards, and we could be seeing you at Worlds!


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