coming this Spring. FromApril 4th to 24th 2019, players will get the chance to summon unique characters

Etrian Odyssey Collaboration coming to THE ALCHEMIST CODE this Spring

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gumi Inc is proud to announce a new collaboration coming this Spring. FromApril 4th to 24th 2019, players will get the chance to summon unique characters based on the popular Dungeon Role-Playing Game, Etrian Odyssey.

Here are the highlights of the event:

Summonable Collaboration Characters 

Collaboration Units:
4 characters from Etrian Odyssey are available for summoning:  

  • Shaman
  • Harbinger
  • Sovereign
  • Protector

During this collaboration, get a chance to summon two special THE ALCHEMIST CODE characters in their Etrian Odyssey versions:

  • Dragoon Chloe
  • Dancer Shenmei

Free Units:
Players who complete the Etrian Odyssey Collaboration Quests will receive 2 characters, Fencer and Gunner, for free.

Collaboration Gear

Unlock each class’s Master Abilities with their respective gear:

  • Protector Shield
  • Sovereign Scepter
  • Shaman’s Sacrifice Ritual
  • Harbinger’s Doom Scythe
  • Fencer’s Light Metal Rapier
  • Gunner Rifle

Collaboration Mementos 
For a limited time only, players will get a chance to summon the unique Etrian Odyssey collaboration Memento – Crossroad of Destiny. Players will get to unlock special abilities when they equip this collaboration Memento with Etrian Odyssey Characters.

Original Collaboration Quests

Quest 1
Harbinger, Fencer, and Shaman were summoned to Babel by the enigmatic Ouroboros to quell horde of monsters never seen before. During their search for these monsters, they heard rumors of a black female knight defeating these monsters. Worst of all, she had attacked the local knights too. Is this black knight a friend or foe? Can these adventurers protect Babel from this monster invasion?

Quest 2
A mysterious voice was heard beckoning for help. In a flash of light, Gunner, Protector, and Sovereign were suddenly teleported from their world to Babel. Unable to ignore this call for help, they set out together to find the origin behind this voice. Unbeknownst to them, an epidemic that causes green bruises on the skin too had swept over a nearby village out of nowhere. Was their summoning linked to this epidemic? 

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