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Sabayon 19.03 – New stable release

Linux Distribution

The team behind Sabayon is excited to present you the latest stable release: Sabayon 19.03.

Sabayon is a modern and easy to use distribution based on Gentoo, which follows a reliable rolling release model.

Please read on or download your flavour 🙂

19.03 is a long awaited release, coming with a lot of new features and enhancements:

  • New build infrastructure
  • Switch to Dracut for initramfs generation
  • Full disk encryption support
  • Installer switch from Anaconda to Calamares
  • Support for 32 bit UEFI! (Intel Sticks, and so on…)
  • Latest kernel is 4.20
  • Python 3 is default
  • Entropy improvements, including better tracking of “automatic” dependencies and a new command, equo mark
  • AMDGPU Enhancements such as extended Vega support including Radeon VII
  • AMD Freesync ready - MESA19, xf86-video-amdgpu-19, solid 5.X kernel available soon
  • Nvidia Freesync ready - “Gsync Supported Monitors” can be enabled in nvidia-drivers-418.43 via the nvidia-settings tool
  • Legacy driver deprecation - nvidia-304.XX drivers are now deprecated. Cards older than Geforce 8000 non-GTX series use nouveau.
  • Work in progress for the new wiki
  • We are on Patreon now! Support the project

New Build Infrastructure

Most of the changes that we did sadly aren’t noticeable from a user perspective, so we want to share our happiness about the codebase state.

We’ve invested time in making our internal tooling better, dramatically important for future enhancements to our rolling release model.

We are using Mottainai in our build infrastructure to automatize build and release of Sabayon, allowing us to scale horizontally the load required to build ISOs, packages and more.

The impact is noticeable for us, e.g. to build all ISOs flavors it now takes less than 2 hours!

This enables us to care less about repetitive tasks and ease the development process, as we can release bugfixes and do proper QA in 110 of the time before!

Switch to Dracut as Initramfs

Yes! You heard it well! We moved away from genkernel-next for initramfs generation, and now initramfs is generated on user side.

Additional information is available here.

New Wiki

We heard you, the current wiki is (sadly) in an embarassing state - but we are working on a completely new restyle of it. As time passed, a lot changed in the Sabayon defaults that aren’t reflected anymore in the current wiki. We encourage for the moment to snoop over the new wiki which is in the works, as we are adding new articles and documentation here.

Stable ISOs

All ISOs are 64bit only.

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