Time for fandomfare daily MTGA quest Jadirigamer today 20 white and black spells there are still packs of card to gain Today went pretty well Finished out quest without to much trouble as it should be in casual play dropped from the game when I got match with a mill deck I have no Interest in playing match against unimaginative player with mill deck or our and out burn decks with nothing more to offer

I'm look forward to the day the developers find the right mix of shuffle matching and control with cards deck builds for casual rank I have no issue If people want to private match some of the deck builds out there but they should not be forced on the rest in any way.

most players are out there just to break up the boredom, have some fun find a way to relax with a game not be frustrated by people just out to make everyone more miserable than they must be.

Hope you are enjoying the streams we are working on new things for the stream we have Eternal we hope in the near future Deck of ashes will slip in there but keep your eyes open were always looking for new things.

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