The NuTyX 11 is a complete recompilation of all the available binaries on NuTyX.

NuTyX 11 available with cards 2.4.96

Linux Distribution

 the new NuTyX 11 release.

The NuTyX 11 is a complete recompilation of all the available binaries on NuTyX.

Since everything has been recompiled, most of the packages have been updated as well.

The base of NuTyX comes with the new kernel LTS 4.19.28 and the very new kernel 5.0.3.

The toolchain is completely rebuild around glibc 2.29, gcc 8.3.0 and binutils 2.32.

The graphical server is now in xorg-server 1.20.4, the mesa lib in 18.3.4, gtk3 3.24.3, qt 5.12.1.

The python 3.7.2 and 2.7.16 are updated as well

The MATE Desktop Environment comes in 1.22 the very last version as well.

The KDE Desktop plasma in 5.15.3, Framework in 5.56.0 and applications in 18.12.3

Browsers firefox in 65.0.2 and chromium in 72.0.3626.121 (build by the archlinux team)

Many desktop applications have been updated as well like thunderbird 60.5.1, Scribus 1.5.5, libreoffice, gimp 2.10.8, etc.

2 news BASE ISO are available.

The first ISO is a base NuTyX "rolling" version with a size of 385 Mbytes and the second ISO is a base NuTyX "fixed" version which contains a completed binaries repository of the 11.0 NuTyX. It's size is 5.3 Gbytes.

With this last ISO, you can install a complete NuTyX 11.0 without having to use internet.

To install packages from this ISO, onces your base system is installed, configured and booting, it's just a question of mounting the media on the /mnt mounting point.

news page. The distribution is available in Fixed and Rolling editions. Download(pkglist): NuTyX_x86_64-11.0.iso (5,427MB)


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