GAME: Magic The Gathering Arena MODE: 1on1 Custom Decks Allowed PLANNED SCHEDULE: Not available yet REQUIREMENTS:

Today, 21 Mar 2019 15:00 EDT Magic The Gathering Arena (PC) 1on1 Constructed


Gathering Arena (PC) 1on1 Constructed Tournament GAME: Magic The Gathering ArenaMODE: 1on1 Custom Decks AllowedPLANNED SCHEDULE: Not available yetR EQUIREMENTS:

  • Players must enter their MTG Direct Challenge ID game ID
  • Players must have a residence in one of the following countries:be, ch, fr

Be the first to sign up this tournament still has no sign-ups at this time the rules are fairly light on this custom constuted deck allowed. Gathering Arena (PC) 1on1 Constructed Tournament

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Tournament format:

  • 1on1
  • Finals: 1
  • Tournament Structure: Swiss Round
  • All matches are in Bo3
  • The number of participants will define the number of laps
  • You stay in the tournament as long as you have not reached the defeat quota or the tournament is over
  • The limit of loss is: 3
  • Participants compete against each other based on their win / loss ratio

Specific rules of the game

  • All built decks are allowed
  • Archetypal pre-built modified decks are allowed
  • Players can change / edit their decks between two rounds.
  • Any draw will result in a rematch.

Banned cards

  • Ferocidonte unleashed

A screenshot is needed to prove the use of one of these cards. This one must be uploaded on the score sheet


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