Solus 4 Fortitude, a new major release of the Solus operating system. This release delivers a brand new Budgie experience, updated sets of default applications

Solus 4 Fortitude Released

Linux Distribution

Solus 4 Fortitude, a new major release of the Solus operating system. This release delivers a brand new Budgie experience, updated sets of default applications and theming, and hardware enablement.


Default Applications

All our editions feature:

  • Firefox 65.0.1
  • LibreOffice
  • Rhythmbox 3.4.3 with the latest release of the Alternate Toolbar extension
  • Thunderbird 60.5.2

Our Budgie and GNOME Editions ship with GNOME MPV 0.16 and our MATE Edition ships with VLC 3.0.6

Hardware and Kernel Enablement

This release of Solus ships with Linux kernel 4.20.16, enabling us to provide support for AMD Picasso and Raven2 APUs, AMD Vega20 and broader Vega10 enablement, as well as improved support for Intel Coffee Lake and Ice Lake CPUs.

Furthermore, Linux kernel 4.20 expands our support for other hardware devices, such as touchpad support for the Lenovo IdeaPad 130-15IKB and 330-15ARR.

Mesa has been upgraded to the latest release, 19.0.0, enabling us to provide OpenGL 4.5 API support (for supported cards) as well as support for newer AMD Polaris, Vega10, Vega20, and VegaM cards.

Multimedia Upgrades

This release ships with ffmpeg 4.1.1, the latest of the 4.x series. This release has enabled us to deliver improved VAAPI MPEG and VP8 decoding as well as support for AOM AV1 encoding, decoding, and parsing.

We’ve also enabled support in VLC for dav1d, an open source AV1 decoder.

Software Center

The Software Center has seen some minor refinements and fixes ahead of our planned rewrite. Specifically, we have fixed instances where search results may not show the package summary or description when an ampersand is used in it.

Additionally WPS Office has been removed from Third Party due to the introduction of an unenforceable EULA by the developers.


2019/03/Budgie 10/ Budgie

Solus ships with our brand new release of the Budgie 10.x series, Budgie 10.5, as well as complimenting this release by shipping Solus 4 out-of-the-box with the Plata (Noir) GTK Theme.


Budgie Menu

This Budgie release introduces a few refinements to Budgie Menu. We no longer show applications multiple times in non-compact mode when headers are turned off. We will also attempt to eliminate the “Sundry” category by automatically moving them to an “Other” category if the category is available.

Caffeine Mode

2019/03/Budgie 10/ Caffeine Mode

Budgie 10.5 introduces a new applet called Caffeine Mode. Caffeine Mode is designed to ensure your system does not automatically suspend, lock, or dim when you’re hard at work.

Caffeine Mode supports:

  • Notifications when it is turned on or off
  • Setting a timer to automatically turn off Caffeine Mode
  • Turning up your display brightness to max or a designated brightness level

We’d like to thank yursan9 for their amazing work on this applet!

Solus-4.0-Budgie.iso (1,430MB, SHA256signaturetorrentSolus-4.0-GNOME.iso (1,446MB, SHA256signaturetorrent), Solus-4.0-MATE.iso

2 thoughts on “Solus 4 Fortitude Released

  1. I installed Solus 4 with the Gnome desktop, by default it’s set to open things with a single click, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change it to double click. Was wondering if you know how?

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