Think you know city building games? Think again! Merge Games and indie developer Blackstaff Games introduced the ultra-quirky city-sim, Buildings Have Feelings Too!

Quirky City Sim ‘Buildings Have Feelings Too!’ Drops New Trailer, Screens, and More!

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Think you know city building games? Think again! Merge Games and indie developer Blackstaff Games introduced the ultra-quirky city-sim, Buildings Have Feelings Too! in 2018 and are proud to be back with new information and a brand new 'second debut' trailer!

as one of Microsoft's highlighted indie titles for GDC 2019 and making
its way to Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in
Summer 2019, Buildings Have Feelings Too! brings the city to
life and turns its inhabitants into currency. Grow your city to a
bustling metropolitan centre with an array of shops, offices,
entertainment and amenities, but take care to keep your city thriving or
risk losing your buildings being demolished forever. How will you react
to the tides of change when your buildings have feelings too?

a city where buildings can walk and talk to one other. Each one has its
own aspirations, hope and fears. Most of the time they're just trying
to get along with each other and make it through the day. Buildings Have Feelings Too!
is a city management game with character. Players must grow their city
while making sure the individual buildings thrive, or risk them being
demolished forever.

As time progresses, new industries
can be researched and new architectural marvels built. In turn, world
events might cause buildings to fail and businesses to go bankrupt!
Players must discover new ways to attend to their city’s needs. This
could involve refurbishing a building or simply grabbing it by the hand
and moving it to a nicer part of the neighbourhood.

players progress they are able to grow their city, allowing for multiple
neighbourhoods. Specialist areas, such as busy finance hubs or bustling
theatre districts, become available. Additional layered attributes such
as electricity supply, noise pollution and transport add more
complexity and challenges for players.


  • Discover and equip a wide range of businesses from the Victorian era right through to the modern day.
  • Befriend a
    range of Buildings, each with their own aspirations, hopes and
    fears, as they come to grips with the changing world around them.
  • Customise and rearrange your city’s layout by moving buildings and find the perfect combination for your city to grow.
  • Expand across multiple neighbourhoods of your city, discovering new landmark characters and districts.  

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About Blackstaff Games

Blackstaff Games is a boutique studio of
collaborative designers working across animation, interactive and games.
We work to create and enhance content with relatable characters,
vibrant worlds and engaging experiences. We believe this allows ideas to
shine, through direct interaction with our audience in a profound way.

We do this by promoting collaboration, craftsmanship and the power of the idea into everything we do.

About Merge Games

Merge is an independent
video game publisher and distributor based in Manchester, UK. The
company publishes and distributes interactive software worldwide for
personal computers and video games consoles. Merge also specialises in
publishing collectable games for retail and worldwide digital
distribution for independent developers. More information about Merge
products can be found at


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