Jadiri Gamer TAKES ON mtga Daily Quest Magic: The Gathering Arena today's quest cat 25 lands for the gold there is a Pack of cards to win too this was our easiest

Jadiri Gamer TAKES ON mtga to win the day Today cast 25 lands

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Jadiri Gamer TAKES ON mtga Daily Quest Magic: The Gathering Arena today's quest cat 25 lands for the gold there is a Pack of cards to win too this was our easiest day in the arena in weeks mono decks still doing what they do still proving to be king of the broken shuffler,

we finished this quest in the fandomfare gaming Backroom in under an hour roughly 45 minutes just as it should be, lots of yesterday about my mono decks mostly I think players no trying than saying I am wrong I will see I would say my hours of testing and the many others out there would say we are right this mono deck build works every time hour after hour day in and out .

#JadiriGamer Card of the day Today we added a new friend to some of our deck I welcome Cleansing Nova into the mix Part of the 2019 core set of the Sorcery variety and Cleansing Nova lives up to its name in Spanish Nova means No start this card is not a starter as its power is in wiping all cards from the board cleans all off restart. fits in well in the Mono deck build with a mana cost of 3 and the low-cost firepower of the Deck the last thing you want to face is an opponent with a huge line up on the board,

Today we sent out a request for a Key to preview Deck of Ashes hoping we can get approval for that before early access on steam let all see what this game is about be watch we will keep all informed keep them live notification on our lives are not all on a fixed times they can pop up anytime any place .Deck of Ashes

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