time for Fandomfare gaming Daily Magic: The Gathering Arena Quest Special Edition Jadiri Gamer Today Creature Spell, THat Right Watch the Stream

Daily Magic The Gathering Arena Quest Special Edition Jadiri Gamer

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iits time for Fandomfare gaming Daily Magic: The Gathering Arena Quest Special Edition Jadiri Gamer Today Creature Spell, THat Right Watch the Stream and you will either be ticked or excited this is arena Exploit that has been buzzing around for a while it works and WIZARDS OF THE COAST simply refuses to either admit it exists or are purposely seeding decks in such a way

we have spent hours in end in the last week proving this out it works over all other methods any mono-color deck 60 card mana from 13 to 22 no cards with a mana need of 4 the deck built like this the mana tends to clump in the top every second or third card will be land after 3 draws you should be able to play any card that you pull out of the deck no matter how you look at it this is not only an exploit that works time and time again it is deck seeding a built-in game cheat if you will in ways.

now I have heard all kinds of excuses studdering explanations and such for this.. some even claim WIZARDS OF THE COAST uses the same alga rhythm online casinos use well there is a flaw in this thinking in Magic player build there own desk at a casino the house builts shuffles and draws the card not really logical for he magic dealer .

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