Emmabuntüs DE3 Alpha Release March 6th 2019, the Emmabuntüs Collective is happy to announce the release of the new Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 3 Alpha

Emmabuntüs DE3 Alpha Release March 6th 2019, the Emmabuntüs Collective is happy to announce the release of the new Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 3 Alpha (32 and 64 bits), based on Debian 10 Alpha 5 Buster distribution and featuring the XFCE desktop environment.

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This distribution was originally designed to facilitate the reconditioning of computers donated to humanitarian organizations, starting with the Emmaüs communities (which is where the distribution's name obviously comes from), to promote the discovery of GNU/Linuxby beginners, as well as to extend the lifespan of computer hardware in order to reduce the waste induced by the overconsumption of raw materials (1).

This new release of the distribution, is based on the Emmabuntüs DE 2 foundation now running under Debian 10 Buster, and brings an improvement in the size of the ISO by the rationalization of the current software, and the removal of unsupported languages. In addition, it supports pkexec instead of gksu in all our post-installation and customization scripts.

We hope that this new version will further facilitate the repackaging work of the various associations using Emmabuntüs, and the task of our friends JerryClan from France and Africa. In particular our friends from Allô Doctor PC in Ivory Coast, SenFabLab in Senegal, and Montpel’libre in France, who have just organized the 3rd edition of Jerry Valentin under Emmabuntüs to provide Jerrys to some schools in their areas.

3eme Jerry Valentin Party Emmabuntus Cote Ivoire organise AlloDocteur PC Montpellibre SenFabLab.jpg

3rd Edition of Jerry Valentin under Emmabuntüs in Ivory Coastorganized by Allô Doctor PC, JerryClanCI, Ovillage, JMSI Committee, Ubunteam (Ivory Coast),Montpel'libre (France) and SenFabLab (Senegal)

This new version will also eventually allow us to replace the Emmabuntüs 3 version, based on Ubuntu 14.04 which will become obsolete this year, and which equips the first computer rooms set up in Togo by our friends YovoTogo and JUMP Lab’Orione.

Salles informatiques sous Emmabuntus Togo par YovoTogo JUMPLabOrione Emmabuntus 2015 2018.jpg

Map of Togo computer rooms with re-employment computers under Emmabuntüsequipped by YovoTogo, JUMP Lab'Orione and Emmabuntüs from 2015 to 2018

This Debian Edition Alpha version includes the following changes, fixes and enhancements :

  • Based on Debian 10 Alpha 5 Buster
  • Replaced the following Gnome applications:
  • Removed some duplicate applications: Totem, Digikam, Brasero, Fotoxx, qBittorrent, Chromium, Evolution
  • Removed obsolete applications: FreeTuxtv, Shutter
  • Removed the Arduino application to reduce the distribution size
  • ISO size further reduced by deleting unnecessary language files, package info, etc.
  • Replaced obsolete gksu by pkexec
  • Replaced obsolete OOo4kids by « LibreOffice des écoles » [ LO for schools]
  • Updated French tutorials for the installation and presentation of EmmaDE3


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